Mihoshi Kuramitsu is one of the main characters in the Tenchi Muyo! metaseries. She is a first-class detective and one of the finest officers in the Galaxy Police. Despite her duties, Mihoshi is a incompetent klutz and is the comic relief of the main cast.


Mihoshi is a ditzy, lazy and very kind girl who is a huge klutz with a strong sense of fighting for justice and protecting the galaxy from all sorts of crime (despite her incompetence). Mihoshi does sleep often, eats like a pig, and is the luckiest officer in the Galaxy Police, though her luck sometimes spells misfortune for others. She often tries to stop the bickering Ryoko and Ayeka from arguing though the result is usually one or all of them getting hurt. Although she tends to eat and sleep a lot, Mihoshi is very serious about her job in the Galaxy Police, doesn't mind helping out with regular household work, and seems better at it than Ryoko or Ayeka. She has been known to write very extensive and unstructured reports cluttered with details, so it can sometimes take her superiors a while to figure them out. In fact, because her report on the Kagato incident included detailed information on the Jurai Royal Trees, her report is now top secret with Jurai Intelligence. Empress Funaho Masaki Jurai once confessed to Washu that it took Jurai Intelligence four days to summarize the report. A duplicate report omitting the sensitive information, was submitted in its place. Mihoshi seems to love watching cartoons and snacking most of the time (because of her love for food).

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