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Mika Macklin aka ShoutOut, is one of the four tritagonists of Danger Force. She was introduced in the Henry Danger episode, "Escape Room", along with her brother Miles. She is one of the new sidekicks of Captain Man after the final of Henry Danger.

She was portrayed by Dana Heath.

Description & Personality

Mika is fun, optimistic, charismatic and upbeat. She thinks out loud and is relentless with her honesty. She's the team captain, the project manager, and the most likely to succeed. She's the do-Gooder of the GroupMe and has the most common sense. Sister of Miles, she loves her brother, but thinks he is an insecure phony.

As ShoutOut, she wears a white and black suit with a logo on her chest resembling a person screaming. She also has a logo on her belt resembling a hurricane, tilted. On her face, she wears a black mask with a white line on top.

Powers and Abilities

  • Mighty Shout/Sonic Scream: After the Omega Weapon exploded, Mika can generate a powerful sonic scream. It powerful enough to break through concrete (in The Danger Force Awakens) or destroy an entire car offscreen (in Mika in the Middle). It is activated when she glows white. Unlike the others it showed up late. It's used whenever she screams, but it requires to be extremely loud and perfectly aimed. Once she starts, she can't stop until the all energy is released.
  • French: in Mime Games Mika was shown to speak french.
  • Prank Sense: During the events of “The Thousand Pranks War: Part 1”, it has been shown that Mika can detect pranks before they happen and give very detailed descriptions of the pranks pulled on people even if she wasn’t there. We can assume this is some form of enhanced sense as they are very similar.


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