Mika Shimotsuki

Mika Shimotsuki is one of the main protagonists of the anime series Psycho-Pass. Specifically, she is a minor character in season 1, the deuteragonist of season 2, a supporting protagonist in the 2015 movie and the main female protagonist of the 2019 movie Sinners of the System Case.1: Crime and Punishment. She first appears as a student at Oso Academy, before being reintroduced as an Inspector for the MWPSB and Akane Tsunemori's new partner.

She is voiced by Ayane Sakura in the Japanese version and Cherami Leigh in the English version, the former of whom also voices Gasper Vladi.


Shimotsuki has brown hair and wine red eyes. While a student of the Oso Academy, she wears her hair up in a high ponytail with unruly bangs. As an Inspector of the MWPSB, her office attire is a black suit and a light blue blouse, her hair tied back with an orange hair tie into a large bun. Her casual wear includes a brown hoodie.


As an Inspector, Shimotsuki is rigid but possesses good instincts regarding potential danger; however, she is often blunt and hurtful in her words. Due to the fact that both of her friends are killed by Rikako Oryo, she bears animosity towards all latent criminals and deals with the Enforcers of her division in an abrasive and condescending manner. This, combined with her overconfidence in her own abilities, instincts and position as an Inspector alienates most of Division 1. She is resentful of other people's opinions, adamantly dismissing or rejecting well-intentioned advice from those she perceives as doubting her or considers beneath her, and hates admitting when she has failed or made a mistake.

While eager to perform well as an Inspector, she lacks initiative, preferring to follow orders handed down from the top, displaying an unwillingness to handle the responsibility of deviating from them, unlike Tsunemori who evidences both initiative and independent thought from the outset. Being of an opposite type from Tsunemori, she resents her colleague for her independent spirit, disregard of regulations and irregular investigation techniques. Her dislike of Tsunemori is exacerbated by jealousy at the apparent favoritism shown to her by Kasei, unaware of the true nature of their association. 

It is insinuated that Shimotsuki is homosexual, as Kunizuka picks up on just how deeply she cared about Kawarazaki, at which point Shimotsuki laments that there was something she had always wanted to tell Kawarazaki, but never did. She also blushes at and depends on Yayoi after she becomes an Inspector, and calls her by her given name with an honorific.

After she has known the secret of Sibyl System, she became obedient to its orders, and used its trust to power-play her rival/enemy Tsunemori.


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