Mikato is one of the main protagonists in Nakoruru: Ano Hito kara no Okurimono. She is Nakoruru's disciple. She makes an unnamed cameo in the game's OVA. Unlike most characters in the game, Mikato is an unvoiced character throughout the majority of the game and usually communicates with text.


She is a seven-year-old girl who was discovered near the suburb of Kamui Kotan. Although she seems to be a normal girl, she can see the abnormalities and feelings that most people can't do. The village chief and Nakoruru thought she was a possible priestess candidate. While living in the village, she made friends with the people of the village and the mysterious entity Rera. Over time, she noticed that the wild animals gradually became violent, and Nakoruru retreated from other people. When she understood the responsibility of the priestess, she began to wonder why she was chosen. To protect Nakoruru, she learned how to fight from Rera.

In the later stages of the game, Mizuki and her demon army arrived near Kamui Kotan. After learning that Nakoruru had lost her power, the village chief found that the melody sung during the country festival had the essence of all the priestess in the village. However, it is incomplete and can only be heard completely by the next priestess. According to the legend of a village, the priestess who heard the song will wield swords, Chichi-ushi, and clean up the evil land. As Nakoruru's power is weakening, he speculates that Mikato is the priestess of Kamui Kotan's next destiny. Manari volunteered to complete the lyrics she could do, hoping to save her friends.

When Mikato learned of this, Nakoruru had left to deal with the water. Mikato gained some sacred protection from the spirit of nature, followed her and tried to protect her idol from an attack by Mizuki. Nakoruru insisted on his duties, holding Mikato in his arms and being hit by her. After being beaten by Mizuki, Nakoruru used her last moment to sing the missing words of the Priestess song to Mikato. She entrusted her essence to the girl and passed away.

After this happens, Manari quickly gave her the remaining lyrics to her. Listening to the voices of Nakoruru and Rera in her body, Mikato decided to sing the complete song - combining Manari's lyrics with the songs formed in her heart - and became the next priestess of Kamui Kotan. With the help of Nakoruru's spirit and nature, she killed the pursuit of Mizuki. She continued to serve as the priestess of the adult priestess and wished everyone happiness. Her childhood friend Hokute finally seemed to be obsessed with her.


A caring and warm-hearted girl who loves others. She idolizes Nakoruru and treasures her friends.


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