Mikayla Makoola is a major character in the Disney XD series Pair of Kings.

She is a royalty in Kinkow and deuteragonist of series. She's the royal advisor's daughter who has a lot of knowledge about Kinkow's history and is good with swords. Mikayla first meet Brady and Boomer when they first entered the castle. Though the boys drive her crazy, just like Boz disliking her, Brady's constant flirting or Boomer's childishness, she is still loyal to them and knows everything about Kinkow history. Mikayla is also one-sixteenth sasquatch and hates it when her father is overprotective of her. She also has a rivalry with Lanny Parker.

However, ever since Brady left, she feels guilty for causing his departure and now, talks to her machete and calls it "Stabitha,"

She was portrayed by Kelsey Chow.


When she met Brady, Mikayla thought he was a little weird even though Brady tries to impress her in some episodes. Its unknown if Mikayla likes Brady or not. She often uses her skill to save the day, or intimidate the kings.

In Season 1, Mikayla met Brady and Boomer when they first entered the castle. She showed them to their room, Brady almost said she was beautiful, but said the pool table was beautiful. Mikayla said they had to read a book and left. She talked to Mason outside of the castle, when Lanny planned on how to get rid of Brady and Boomer.

On the day of the Surf Contest, a light shined on Brady, causing him to jump on his brother's back, then Mikayla found out that two of Hibachi's friends were helping Hibachi cheat. While Mikayla knocked Hibachi's friends out, Mason turn Brady and Boomer's accidental actions in a motive for applause of everyone.

Mikayla tried to get her dad to put her in charge, when Brady and Boomer flirted with mermaids. Her father decided to put Roger in charge, which angered her, but she proved her abilities were outclassed by Roger's. Mikayla advised Brady and Boomer to stay away from the mermaids, but the two ignored her orders and the mermaids took over the castle. The mermaids proceeded to turn Mikayla into a mermaid. She was turned back to normal when the twins learned that to turn a mermaid back to normal all you need is to spray them with salt water.

In Season 2, Mikayla starts to like King Brady. In the episode "The Evil King" she dreams of almost kissing him, and later actually does.

In Season 3, ever since Brady left, Mikayla is crazy and soft and vulnerable at the same time. She also seems scary, too overprotective, and even dangerous. She doesn't seem to think straight from time to time, and it is now known that she has a Machete named Stabetha.

She also realizes that she's nerdy and dorky but she becomes more of a friend to the kings. Her self esteem went down and will change for people to like her, Mikayla seems to avoid having fun. Boz doesn't like her since she looks like his ex-girlfriend and she doesn't like him either. Mikayla seems to have had changed personality ever since Brady left.


Physical Appearance

Mikayla has dark, chestnut-toned hair paired with hazel eyes and a slender build. She tends to lean towards wearing shorter shorts and dresses that are printed with bold colors and strong accents. Mikayla also wears a a arm ring around her upper ARM. She has proven many times to be one of the strongest girls on the island. Mikayla is also considered attractive, according to many parties on the island.


Mikayla's sassy, bossy, strong, and self-confident. She also seems to have great skill at hand to hand combat. She promised to have the kings stay away from trouble. She first appeared celebrating the return of the twin kings. She then shows a tour of the castle to them. Ever since the first episode the twin kings liked her. Boomer thinks she's pretty, Brady has a big crush on her and has shown it in every episode, But Boz On The Other Hand Hates her. She is also the best trained security member on the island, other than her father, Mason, and is left in charge whenever he must leave. In "Big Kings On Campus" she said to Brady and Tristan that she got a scar on her neck from tackling a crocodile. Mason, the hero of Kinkow, is Mikayla's father. She likes King Brady, despite being confused about what she really feels. She kissed him in The Evil King. After Brady left the island Mikayla's personally seemed to have changed as stated above, indicating that deep down she loves him and misses him dearly.

Mikayla is obsessed with weapons. She names them and hides them in her clothes. She named her machete Stabitha.


Mikayla can fly using her Nanju Belt. Mikayla is greatly strong, just like her Dad, and she knows hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. Mikayla has a great Swordsmanship. Mikayla also uses Ambush, Stealth, and Cunning when it comes to sneaking on some Dark side Monsters. She has many superhuman abilities such as super strength, super speed, teleportation, dolphin imitation, sneezing gallons of snot, and hammerspace.

Mikayla often turns to her machete, which she has dubbed the name "Stabitha" in combat. It is rare to see her without some sort of weaponry, as she puts the safety of both the kings and their empire first. Mikayla has also proven to be just as beneficial in hand-to-hand combat. She has also been trained to fight utilizing the environment around her.


  • She is one-sixteenth sasquatch because her father is 1/8.
  • When Brady left Kinkow, she hasn't dated anyone when she was in Kinkow.
  • Her closest friends are Boomer, Brady, and Candis, and she is becoming closer to Boz.
  • Ever since Mikady left Brady, she began to behave strangely. She began to have an obsession on her machete called the Stabatha.
  • She is the minor antagonist and anti-hero in the series.
  • By the time of Season 3, she is not well-liked because many fans blame her of driving King Brady away from Kinkow. However it is actually her friend Candis fault as she indirectly contributed to Brady leaving Kinkow because she was the one who cause the "rumor".

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