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I don't know a world for me that doesn't involve fighting. All I've known are the battlefields I've chosen and the ones chosen for me. That's all. I'm fighting so you can stop crying.
~ Mikazuki talking with Atra Mixta.

Mikazuki Augus (三日月・オーガス Mikadzuki Ōgasu), often called "Mika" for short, is the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Mika is a member of Tekkadan and the unit leader of the Commando unit, as well as the right-hand man and best friend of Tekkadan's leader Orga Itsuka.

He is voiced by Kengo Kawanishi in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Kyle McCarley in the English version of the anime.


Mika is known as a calm, easy-going and collected boy rare to show his emotions. However, Mika is a fearless fighter in battle and is regarded as the greatest mobile suit pilot in his era.

Because of his aloof personality and difficult childhood, Mikazuki has trouble interacting with others in topics that do not directly involve warfare; even if he is working to be more open about his emotions, and get to know the world better. Despite this, Mika is very caring with his comrades and loyal toward his friends, his lovers (Kudelia and Atra) and Tekkadan. During his last stand against Gjallarhorn, Julieta wonders why he still does this purposeless fighting, he answers that he does it for Orga. Despite sustaining severe injuries due to an orbital bombardment, Mikazuki continues to fight an outnumbered battle against Gjallarhorn and Julieta. He ultimately passes out and dies due to blood loss, as his resolve to never yield and to keep moving forward.

Mika favors violence, and is vengeful and merciless toward his enemies, especially if his enemies have killed one of his comrades. He earned the nickname The Devil of Tekkadan (鉄華団の悪魔 Tekkadan no Akuma), due to the fact he always fought on the frontline like a savage devil. Mika is not a sociable and open type of person, and due to his background as a child soldier, he has limited understanding of girls and relationships.



As a child, Mikazuki was an orphan living on the slums of Mars. At some point he encountered Orga Itsuka and, after helping him fend off some thugs, the two decided to team up and work together to survive.

He would later meet a hungry Atra Mixta and help her find a job at a grocery store so she could make enough money to afford food.

Mikazuki and Orga would go on to both join the private military contractor Chryse Guard Security and become part of its "Third Group", comprised of orphans and "human debris". They both received Alaya Vijnana implants, enabling them to pilot the machinery of CGS despite having little combat experience prior. Despite the high risk of the surgery, with it only having a 60% success rate, Mikazuki would undergo it two more times, resulting in him becoming an extremely capable pilot. Eventually, Orga would become the new leader of the Third Group and Mika would become one of their top fighters.

P.D. 323

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Orga Itsuka

Biscuit Griffon

Atra Mixta

Kudelia Aina Berstein

Mecha Piloted

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos 2nd Form (Front).png

Mikazuki Augus's primary Mobile Suit. It was discovered by Maruba Arkay in the desert area of ​​Mars and was used as a power reactor for the CGS base while Maruba plotting to sell it. Parts around the cockpit had been removed from the beginning of the discovery, but it was restarted by incorporating the crescent moon MW cockpit by Nadi Yukinojo Kassapa and others during the attack on Gjallarhorn. It features high versatility by replacing various weapons, and by deploying the sub-arm of the back attachment, it is possible to use the connected weapons [273] . After becoming the main force of the Tekkadan, we will improve the fighting ability by adding and replacing parts and weapons obtained from enemy aircraft. Initially, since more than 300 years have passed since the Calamity War, each part has deteriorated and it is in a state where it performs much less powerfully than it did originally. Despite this, it still has an output that overwhelms the glaze. The initial armament on reboot was a high-hardness rare alloy mace with pile bunker and thrusters. During the duel with Crank Zent, it wore the captured Graze's shoulder armor on his left shoulder. During the battle against Gjallarhorn in low earth orbit on Mars, the glaze shoulder armor was been repainted in white and blue and fitted upside down. It was also equipped with a foldable 300mm smoothbore gun and a 60mm machine gun coaxially arranged. During the fight with the Turbines, equipped with a wire claw taken from Gaelio's Schwalbe Glaze in place of the Gauntlet lost in Low Earth orbit on Mars.

It would later be restored more to its original appearance restored by the engineers of Teiwaz using materials from the Calamity War. The weight balance of the aircraft and the readjustment of the reactor have improved the output, allowing for more pilot-like behavior. However, only the exterior was restored, and it is said that it has not completely reached the performance during the war. It is equipped with an additional high-hardness rare alloy sword wrought at the factory of the year-end star. The limiter of Arai Yasushi is pushed to the limit by Mikazuki after he becomes accustomed to the aircraft, and other human beings can not withstand the amount of information from the aircraft. It would later be refurbished with parts provided by the Montag Company just before Tekkadan's Earth descent. Reactive armor from the Gundam Kimaris was added to the chest by Nadi, and thrusters recovered from Ein's Schwalbe Glaze have been added to the waist. As her new armament, her arms are equipped with a Kutan-san type shaft-launched mortar. It would later be adjusted again by Eco Turbine of Turbines after the Earth descent. The lumbar thrusters, which were disabled in combat during entry into the atmosphere, have been removed and the suspension replaced with ground-optimized high- heeled ankles. As the MS's new main armament, Barbatos carries the large special "Wrench Mace" with a special chainsaw inside that opens and closes at the tip, and is equipped with a 170mm cannon on her arm. It would be refurbished another time to give it a decisive battle specification for Tekkadan's advance on Edmonton. The armor on both shoulders lost in the battle on Millennium Island has been replaced with that of Graze Ritter, and a ground thruster has been added to the lumbar region. In the battle at Edmonton, additional armor with the Tekkadan mark on the chest is applied. Increased weight reduced instantaneous maneuverability, but improved ability to continue in unsupplied conditions.

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus (Front).png

A rebuilt Barbatos, which was damaged in the battle after the battle with Edmonton and was difficult to repair. As such, it was given a complete overhaul at the MS department of Saisei. "Lupus" is the name given by the maintenance chief of Teiwaz, which means "wolf" in Latin. Based on Mikazuki's battle data, modifications have been made to improve reaction speed and maneuverability. By adopting curved armor that is lightweight and has excellent sloped armor on the exterior, a dedicated thruster on the waist, and a suspension that supports all areas on the ankle, it is designed so that it can be brought into close combat, which is good at minimizing damage. The synchronization of the pilot and the aircraft through the Arai Yasushi system has been further promoted, and the forearm frame has been extended and the reaction index has been adjusted. In consideration of the crescent moon, which is usually inconvenient for the right arm, the connection cable of the Arai Yasushi system is extended to the outside of the cockpit. Weapons include a special weapon "Sword Mace" that has the characteristics of a mace and a sword, a 200mm cannon or rocket cannon with a built-in 20mm machine gun that is selectively equipped on the arm attachment, two small "Twin Maces" suitable for turbulent battles, and a newly rebuilt sword. The sub-arm on the back has an additional claw, which not only holds weapons but also functions as a means of attacking backwards.

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex

ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex (Front).png

The rebuilt Barbatos Lupus after it was damaged in the battle against Hashmal and refurbished at the MS Studio at Saisei. "Rex" means "king" in Latin. Based on the battle data of Mikazuki, which has been integrated with the aircraft after the battle with Hashmal, the reaction speed has been raised to the theoretical limit, and each joint has delicate adjustments that match the skin sensation of the pilot. It has been done. Part of the wreckage of Hashmal has been diverted to the exterior, transforming it into a beast-like appearance that more reflects the battle style of the crescent moon. In particular, the forearm has become so huge that it deviates from the human shape, and a sub-arm that expands around the elbow as a fulcrum is housed inside. It is armed with a super-large mace for anti-ships with pile bunker on both ends and a handle expansion and contraction mechanism, a rare metal manipulator "Rex Nail" suitable for piercing with bare hands, a 200 mm gun built into the arm, Hashmal Wired injection type "tail blade" on the back, and pile bunker "heel bunker" built into the heel. It also possesses an additional weapon in the Anti-ship Lance Mace. When escaping from Mars headquarters, the final battle specification was devised, in which the left arm was replaced with the one of the first form and the shoulder armor of Legin Rays was attached to the left shoulder, but it was not adopted.


  • Mika is the second lead character who died or was killed in all the Gundam anime-series. The first is Amuro Ray from the Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Century series.
  • His calm, emotionless and violent side is very similar to Heero Yuy and Setsuna .F.Seiei.
  • It's never stated how old he is, but he probably shares the same age with Atra and Orga.
  • His voice actor Kengo Kawanishi has voiced Rei Kiriyama from 3-gatsu no Lion.


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