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Mike "Cooze" Coozeman is a supporting character in the American Pie spin-off film series. He is one of Erik Stifler's best friends and a girl-crazy self-proclaimed ladies man. Cooze is the one of tritagonists (along with Ryan) American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile and the deuteragonist in its sequel American Pie Presents: Beta House


The Naked Mile

During High school, Cooze is best friends with Erik Stifler, Steve and Matt's cousin and a virgin, and the school's star quarterback Ryan Grimm. Although Cooze considers himself a ladies man, his methods are sometimes questionable. For example, one time during a party Cooze whispered something in a girl's ear and she kicked him the genitals, however, Cooze considered it four play. During when he and Ryan were working out the weight room, they convinced Erik come to the University of Michigan for the event, "The Naked Mile", with them in hopes he could lose his virginity. The next day, Erik reveals that his girlfriend Tracy, after failed attempt to have sex with her the night before which resulted in him running out of her house in front of her father naked and defecating in the drier, has given a "guilt free pass" to have sex at the Naked Mile, much to Cooze's excitement.

Beta House

After graduating from East Great High, he and Erik begin to attend the University of Michigan. They are put in separate dorm rooms however, while he is put in a single room, Erik stares a dorm with a guy named Bobby. The three of them are invented to a frat party at Beta House by Erik's cousin Dwight. When they arrive they run into Ashley, a girl who Erik meet in the Co-ed bathrooms, and meet her roommate, an attractive southern belle named Denise, who Cooze flirts with.


  • Erik's father had sex with Cooze's mother during the two weeks he and his wife had a court order separation.
  • He earned his nickname due to his girl crazy attitude.
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