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Mike is one of the protagonist in the video game by Telltale Games The Walking Dead: Season Two.


Mike is helping the group against Carver for escape his place. He tries to to procted the group from the walkers and carried Clementine when she's tired or injured. But he lost a little bit of temper when things went bad. He also tries to protected Rebecca and the baby when they are again attacked by walkers. When they are surrounded by the russians they go hide behind a tree for shoot at them. He's also befriended Arvo after he lost his sister. he also assis to luke death when he fall in the ice and mourning him. He also fear of Kenny and decide with Arvo and Bonnie if she still alive to steal the supplies and medecine Clementine catch them. He explain because he can't not stay because of Kenny attitude. He also agreed to take Clementine if she give him the gun but she's shoot by Arvo before him and Bonnie can take her. When Jane and Kenny are out and yell at them he fled with Arvo and also Bonnie if she's alive.


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