Michael "Mike" Fukanaga is one of the three ninjas. He is the main protagonist in the Supah Ninjas series. He is portayed by Ryan Potter.

Early life

Mike Fukanaga was Owen's assistant, blandly referred to as "friend," in their magic act when they were 9–10 years old. They have become friends and are still best friends to this day. Since a kid, his favorite cake combo is chocolate and peanut butter. His mom passed away but,it is unknown who his mother is and what happened to her. She's not spoken of very often in the series.

Characteristics and abilities

Mike has always had low self-esteem, never coming off as or seeing himself as what you might call a "winner." However, his outlook and new confidence has improved significantly since he became the leader of the self-named "Supah Ninjas." Mike very antisocial, often trying to cover up for himself by laughing, or making weak attempts at jokes, and he has never been in any way considered popular. In fact, his friends regard him as being the nerdiest of the group, being a big fan of science fiction, comics and action figures, and even having learned Clyngonese (from Star Trek). Mike's most impressive skill is, obviously, martial arts, with reflexes that are regarded by most as a remarkable phenomenon. He is also very skilled with a pair of nunchucks, having been seen using only that and shurikens (his most impressive shuriken being hidden in the medallion he unceasingly wears around his neck). In Cousin Connor, it was shown that he is very skilled with a sword while he was fighting Connor.

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