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Michael "Mike" Lowrey is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Marcus Burnett) of the Bad Boys franchise. He is the deuteragonist of Bad Boys, one of the two main protagonists (alongside Marcus Burnett) of Bad Boys II, and the main protagonist of Bad Boys for Life.

He is portrayed by Will Smith, who also played Agent J in the Men in Black movies, Oscar in Shark Tale, Genie in the 2019 live action remake of Aladdin and Steven Hiller in Independence Day, Lance Sterling in Spies in Disguise and a fictional version of himself in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


Bad Boys

Attempted Carjack

He, along with Marcus, are first seen in Mike's new 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo. Marcus is eating fries and cheeseburger, to which Mike refrains from eating. Marcus accidentally spills fries on his floor, angering Mike and he parks his car. He argues with him and suddenly, two men attempts to hijack their car. During the attempt, Marcus gets in another argument with Mike. However, this turns out to be a feign and the two subdue the auto thieves.

The Heroin Operation

The next day, Marcus awakens with his wife Theresa and haves breakfast with his children. Mike appears suddenly. Marcus and Mike arrives at the police station, where their captain Conrad Howard meets up with them, revealing that heroin were stolen from the secure police vault. This is the most major drug bust for the two detectives' career, but must do what they can to recover since their division will be shut down if the drugs aren't recover.

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Bad Boys II

Ku Klux Klan Drug Bust

During the ectasey shipment, Marcus and Mike infiltrated an Ku Klux Klan meeting where the shipment is delivered. They come out their cover and attempts to arrest the members—however, their headpieces are coming in static to warn the fellow officers. Marcus is taken at gunpoint by a savage KKK member, who Mike jokingly chastises. A KKK member attempts to kill Mike and Mike kills him and Marcus' captor, leading to a gunfight. During the gunfight, Marcus is accidentally shot in the buttocks by a stray bullet from Mike to kill a KKK member about to kill Marcus. The operation proves to be a disaster while Marcus becomes enraged of Mike. While he is escorted through helicopter to a nearby Miami hospital, Marcus displays disdain and his anger problems. Rifting his partnership, he questions Mike and is about to be transported into another division without Mike as his partner.

Home Life

At his home, Marcus gets a visit from his younger sister Sydney Burnett. Also, Mike comes nearby, too. During an discussion between husband-and-wife, Marcus shifts his partnership with Mike. At dinner time, Marcus becomes aware of Mike being in New York for a short time and also Sydney too. When she leaves, Marcus chastises him for disrupting his family. In the meantime, his pool is destroyed by his dog, forcing him into a river near the house.

Chasing After Sydney

Another operation is set in and the two best friends are ordered to tail Sydney during her DEA operation. They await, however, her money laundering his cut short because Haitians attempt to steal the money, which alerts DEA agents, Johnny Tapia's crew, and the Miami Police. This leads to a high-speed chase to kill the Haitians and rescuing Sydney. They manage to reach to her and upon arriving, Marcus criticizes her for letting alone about her occupation. The chase angers Captain Howard.


Due to the Haitian's involvement in stealing the money, Marcus and Mike needs to get information of the Blonde Dreads leader. First, they receive information from one of Mike's contacts. Upon arriving at the leader's home, a shootout occurs. Mike kills many of the Haitians and Marcus unknowningly kills one, leaving only the leader alive. Marcus is covered in white dust and debris. They get some information from the leader of how he knows the drop, and all the evidence were recorded through a video camera which consists acts of a funeral home drop and Tapia's men. The two finds all of this at a television store—the videos also consist a pornography homemade by the Haitians. An emotional Marcus sets in a room and Mike describes his depression with heartness and they are forced to leave when they discover their discussion was accidentally recorded on video-camera throughout the store, where an angry mother says to them -- "Y'all motherfuckers need Jesus".

Tapia's Investigation


The two find that the Spanish Palms Mortuary is in fact used by Tapia. The two wants a warrant on Tapia but Captain Howard reprimands of this. With knowledge, the two decides to infiltrate Tapia's mansion as bug exterminators. Unfortunately for Marcus, the mansion is infested with rats. While tapping wires, Marcus becomes grossed out by the rats easily, especially for him seeing a sexual intercourse of the rats. They immediately escape when their cover is blown. By the time of this, Marcus becomes unhappy when Syd is assigned to focus on Tapia. The two finds evidence of Tapia since the Ku Klux Klan meeting was link to Tapia's ectasey operation. Because of this, the two pressures a Ku Klux Klan member name Floyd Poteet, who was wounded during the KKK shootout, into their operation. Marcus, Mike, Floyd and Syd awaits for a shipment in the docks for the night and the next morning. Then, appointed with enough evidence, Marcus and Mike steals a car test-driven by Dan Marino with Floyd in the trunk and chases one of Tapia's men. The two chase a crony into a train where Marcus is left behind and forced to hop on the train shield and shoot into the train to gain access. However, the crony is killed during a fight with Mike. This angers Howard for the second. The van the crony was driven in consisted morgue evidence and also autopsied bodies.

The next time, Mike and Marcus infiltrates the morgue. Marcus is disgusted of the bodies and when attempting to ingest one, the bodie's already-cutten head falls out, showing decayed brain matter. This makes Marcus so disgusted that he vomits. Mike searches in the bodies and when a kidney falls out, Marcus vomits again. Marcus drinks water, unknowingly ingesting two pills of ecstasy in the process. The two find perfect evidence, including cash in the coffins and ecstasy in the bodies. Going to Howard's home, Mike finds out that Marcus has ingested the ecstasy and warns him not to compromise the warrant. They manage to obtain the warrant and when Howard realizes that Marcus has ingested ecstasy, he has Marcus shower to wear it off. The morgue is raided with the money and drugs being secured. They then make an attempted raid at the Tapia mansion but this is botched because Syd's former Russian associate and Tapia's Russian distributor, Alexei, arrives to kill Tapia. He is shot dead and Tapia manages to escape. The two manage to find evidence but Tapia calls Marcus, threatening a captured Syd's life and wants his money delivered to him in two days. At the police department, Marcus is angered when agents reveals that they don't negotiate with drug lords. He is saddened, but Mike and some fellow officers tag in the operation, gathering plans in Tapia's Cuban home.

At the house, Cuban militias are guards. Some of the officers initiates a bombing, giving Marcus and Mike time to slaughter many militias and gangbangers to reach to Syd. The trio, along with an agent, escapes with Tapia on their tail. The quartet reaches to the U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, where Tapia is on them. They all get out the car with Mike at gun point and Marcus and Syd at gunpoint by Tapia's assistant Carlos. When Syd tosses her gun, a landmine comes upon and kills Carlos, and Marcus manages to execute a skillful headshot into Tapia, rescuing Mike. Mike and Syd kiss, while Marcus is strucken and tells the guards that the kiss is dangerous around the landmines.

At home, Marcus and Mike relax in a newly built pool. Marcus finally makes peace with Mike's relationship with Syd and no longer doubting his partnership. Despite the sentiment, the pool breaks again and washes the two into the river—they sing "Bad Boys" while floating.

Bad Boys For Life

In 2020, Mike accompanies his partner Marcus Burnett to the birth of his first grandson. Desiring to spend more time with his family, the aging Marcus tells Mike he intends to retire, to Mike's chagrin. During a party celebrating Marcus' grandson, Mike and Marcus talk about the years they had spent together and why he wants to retire, when Lieutenant Rita Secada, Mike's ex-girlfriend, comes to congratulate Marcus on his grandson, and they, in turn, congratulate her on being the new head of the tech-driven team the Advanced Miami Metro Operations, or AMMO. When Rita leaves, Marcus tries to convince Mike that he should go out with her again, saying that she is perfect for him and that he shouldn't spend the rest of his life alone but Mike refuses and tells him that although he had many dates, he was only in love once.

When the two leave the bar they decide to make a race with a bet: If Marcus wins, he and Mike will retire and if Mike wins, they will both remain cops. Captain Howard approaches them, saying that they are no longer boys, but decides to be the referee and when he says "now", Mike and Marcus start running. During the race, Armando Aretas comes riding on a motorcycle and shoots Mike without stopping. Marcus, Rita and the other cops go to help Mike, while Captain Howard calls the hospital for help. Mike remains in a coma for six months and Armando continues to assassinate other targets on his list during Mike's convalescence. Marcus looks after Mike and prays to god for Mike to recover, promising no more violence.

After that time, Marcus' daughter Megan marries her boyfriend Reggie, with all his family and friends present, including Mike who has recovered. Mike details his attempts and those of Marcus to scare him in Bad Boys II to the other guests, he also makes a toast explaining a saying that he and Marcus say to each other in the face of difficult times: we ride together, we die together and they all shout "bad boys for life".

At night, at the wedding party, Mike is determined to seek revenge and asks the captain to let him investigate the case, but he refuses and tells him that the AMMO is handling the case and when Mike talks about putting Marcus and him to investigate the case, Captain Howard tells him that he has withdrawn. Mike attempts to recruit the now-retired Marcus, but he refuses as after Mike's near death experience Marcus prayed to God that if Mike survives he will never turn to violence again, causing a fall out between them.

While at home, Mike sees that someone has uploaded the video of when he was shot, which goes viral. At that moment, Rita visits him and enters without Mike noticing because she still has the key. She tries to convince Mike that she should drop this case, that she and the AMMO can handle it, even because she cares, but Mike refuses and continues investigating.

Mike goes to Manny's butcher shop and when he meets Manny, he shows him the video in which Armando shot him. Then Mike hits his hand with a meat tenderizer and handcuffs him to a table and hits his hand again with the meat tenderizer, Mike asks who manufactures the bullets from the gun with which he was shot, Manny denies knowing anything but Mike knows that Manny has the information because he has a car that costs a lot of money and it is impossible that he bought it as a butcher, and when he prepares to hit him again Manny stains his suit of grease and terrified tells him that the arms dealer is called Booker Grassie, Mike leaves and leaves Manny handcuffed to the table.

Mike reports what he has discovered to Captain Howard and he, realizing that Mike won't heed orders to stay away from the investigation, reluctantly allows him to work with the tech-driven team in charge, AMMO) led by Rita, although neither of them wishes to work with the other. Rita takes Mike to the AMMO facility, and explains to the group that Mike will work with them as a consultant. the AMMO members are:

  • Rita Secada, head of AMMO.
  • Kelly, weapons expert of AMMO.
  • Dorn, a former bouncer who accidently killed a domestic abuser and is now the tech expert of AMMO.
  • Rafe, who calls uhim "Michael"

They all treat Mike with respect, except for Rafe who is a bit cocky and jokes about Mike's age.

While the team surveils Grassie at an arms deal, Mike determines that the buyers intend to kill Grassie and intervenes, but fails to save him. Later, Mike is called by Marcus, whom Carver Remy, an old informant who believes the assassin is after him, had called. The pair travel to Carver, but on the way they have to drop off Marcus' grandson, at the spa with Theresa. When they arrive at the spa, Marcus makes Mike leave the baby with Theresa. He tries to leave him without Theresa seeing him but she realizes it, Mike runs away and Theresa says she was going to kill Marcus. Mike runs out and tells Marcus to leave now. They talk about Theresa being as angry as Marcus was when Mike broke up with his sister Sydney and Mike when Marcus threw the coffee out of his car and then Marcus realized he hadn't given her the baby wipes so he would be even more. angry than they believed before. They reach Carver, but it is too late to save him because Armando dumped his body in Theresa's car. Mike goes to the building to look for the murderer while Marcus calls for help even though he has retired from the police. Mike and Armando smash a building window, land on a terrace, and Armando escapes on his motorcycle after a fist fight with Mike and kicking Marcus down. As they return, they discuss what awaits Marcus when Theresa sees his car.

The next day, Mike and Captain Howard are watching the captain's daughter's basketball game. Captain Howard reveals his intentions to retire as well, and tries to convince Mike that he should as well, offering him advice that he needs to find a way forward in life, but ultimately failed. Mike and Howard discuss whether he would join his family for pizza when they get back to their vehicles. At that moment, Armando shoots Howard in the neck. As Mike tries to keep pressure on Howard's neck, the referee from the game to tries to help Mike and he, seeing that Armando was going to shoot her, finds himself behind the car and tells the woman to do the same as Mike calls for an ambulance, but Howard doesn't survive and a funeral is held for him. When everyone leaves, Mike tells Marcus that he was right, that he told him that if he went out to get revenge he would cause someone to die. The captain's death pulls Marcus out of retirement, he goes to Mike's apartment and they agree to work together one last time.

Mike and Marcus go to the house of Grassie's accountant and after Mike has a brief fight with him, Rita knocks him out with her taser gun and then the other members of the AMMO enter the house. Marcus reveals the two are going to work with the AMMO, which upsets Mike a bit. At the AMMO facilities, they track down the accountant, which leads them to Lorenzo "Zway-Lo" Rodríguez. They discover that today is his birthday and that night they infiltrate the party.

They go incognito, Mike stares at Rita in her dress, Marcus tells his friend that he has a crush on her and Mike tells him to leave him alone. Rafe get them in. During the party, Kelly, disguised as a waitress, meets Zway-Lo and Rita tells her not to lose sight of him. Marcus talks to Mike about his marriage and the latter tells him that the AMMO members can hear him, which Rita confirms. Kelly and Rita are in position and Mike and Marcus are in position as well. A man starts flirting with Rita, which annoys Mike but then leaves. Birthday is announced in the building and everyone celebrates it until Mike, Marcus and Rita reveal themselves as policemen and Zway-Lo runs away. Mike and Marcus chase him in a car until Mike shoots him when they get to Overtown, knocking him out. The AMMO is on the way but Zway-Lo's thugs show up and shoot them in the car. Mike asks Zway-Lo who wants to kill him but he refuses to answer. The AMMO shows up and takes care of the thugs but Zway-Lo escapes on a motorcycle and Mike and Marcus chase him on a motorcycle with a sidecar. Mike has Marcus throw a grenade to throw off the remaining thugs and Marcus starts using a turret on the sidecar to shoot Zway-Lo. The thugs catch up with them and Mike shoots them all while Marcus continues to shoot Zway-Lo. He takes them to a bridge and Armando appears in a helicopter and shoots them. Mike breaks the union of the motorcycle and the sidecar, separating him from Marcus. Armando lowers a ladder for Zway-Lo and he grabs onto it. Mike crashes into a truck but recovers and jumps up to grab the ladder. Armando orders Zway-Lo to step aside but ultimately kills him when he blocks Armando's ability to shoot Mike. While lining up a shot, Armando tells Mike "Hasta el fuego" which surprises him. Marcus, however, stops Armando with gunfire, which allows Mike to jump into the river to escape.

AMMO is shut down because of the failed operation. Mike goes back to the AMMO and asks Dorn for help with the Zway-Lo mobile, he wants him to find out who he had spoken to in the last few months. Mike sees that he had spoken with several people in Mexico and asks him to send the phrase "Hasta el fuego" to all numbers in Mexico. When he does that, Mike tells Dorn that he will continue alone. Mike starts looking for information about Isabel Aretas, he sees that she escaped from prison 9 months ago and that she gave birth in prison 8 months after her arrest. At that moment, a message appears on Zway-Lo's mobile that says "Hi Mike." After Mike leaves, Marcus watches him go and, after encouraging Rita and the AMMO members a bit, follows him and sees that Mike is very sad and dejected. In private, Mike reveals to Marcus that Armando may be his son. Before partnering with Marcus, Mike worked as an undercover officer in the Aretas cartel where he met Isabel. They fell in love and intended to run away together, using "Hasta el fuego" as a made-up secret catchphrase. Mike ultimately remained loyal to the police, realizing how dangerous Isabel had become. Marcus believes that Mike is jumping to conclusions but he tells him that Benito Aretas could not have children, Isabel gave birth in jail eight months after his arrest, Armando told him "Hasta el fuego" before he jumped out of the helicopter. Marcus tries to speak but Mike cuts him off and tells him that Armando is the right age, that he is as crazy, ruthless and daring like him and that he is his crazy version. But Marcus tells him that he is the crazy version of himself and tries to convince him that he is rushing, the two hug and Mike drives off in his car with Marcus and Rita looking worried. Mike gets on a plane to go to Mexico, followed by Marcus but Mike asks him to leave, that he was not going to let anyone else die to deal with his mistakes but Marcus refuses to let Mike go on a suicide mission alone. On the plane, Mike tells Marcus that he will kill his son, Marcus tells him that this is horrible and after Marcus does not stop talking and pestering Mike with questions about Armando and Isabel, Mike asks someone to change his seat.

The couple arrives in Mexico and they settle in the house of a man who owes them a favor, he also gives them weapons. A while later, there is a knock on the door, they prepare to fight, but it was the AMMO. Marcus tells Mike that Rita called him. They were surprised to see everything they had brought, Rita explains that everything had been provided by a DEA position. Mike explains that he will be the bait, they will meet at the Hidalgo Palace, an old hotel on the outskirts, he explains that Isabel will want to talk to him and while they are talking the AMMO must find Armando. Mike asks that they let him finish off Armando. The cops get ready in the house to go to the Hidalgo Palace and Rita places a necklace with a mini camera and microphone around Mike's neck so they could see and hear everything Mike saw and heard.

Mike arrives at the Hidalgo Palace, followed by a drone controlled by Dorn, with the other AMMO members commenting that it is impossible for Isabel to be alone, as Marcus moves around the back of the hotel. Mike walks in and meets Isabel, the two are inspected and Mike asks Isabel where Armando is, she sits him on a chair while telling him that she wanted him dead and survived and that it is his destiny to see each other again. Isabel removes Mike's necklace and Marcus and the AMMO lose communication and conclude that they know they are there. Mike scolds Isabel for not telling him he had a son, not telling Armando the truth about his father and for raising him to be a murderer, saying that he would have taken care of his son but Isabel responds that Armando is his son, that he had planned surprise him with the news of her pregnancy after they ran away together and Armando believed he was the man who ruined their lives. At that moment, Armando appears and Mike gets up with his two pistols but his son is holding Marcus hostage, other Isabel's men are also revealed on the upper floors of the Hidalgo Palace. Seeing the situation, Mike asks Isabel what he is going to do, Isabel answers "Hasta el fuego" and scared Marcus tries to convince Armando that he and Mike have to talk but Mike asks him to calm down and Armando orders him to be quiet. At that moment an explosion occurs and members of the AMMO enter to help, with Dorn controlling a drone with pistols to finish off the men. Isabel and Armando try to escape in a helicopter while their men manage to destroy the drone. A shootout quickly ensues between AMMO and Isabel's men. The couple regroups with the AMMO members, Mike and Rita instructing the AMMO members to take care of Isabel's men while Mike and Marcus climb to the top of the palace to prevent Isabel and Armando from escaping in the helicopter. support from Isabel. Upon reaching the top, Armando and the pilot try to shoot Mike and Marcus, but fail. Marcus shoots the helicopter pilot, despite Mike telling him to shoot the helicopter rotor, causing it to crash into the central lobby and start a fire. Despite the explosion and fire, Mike and Marcus find Isabel but Armando, who was on the floor below, grabs Mike's leg and the two get into a violent fist fight, while Marcus fights Isabel and although she She stabs him several times and cuts him several times with a piece of broken glass, Marcus manages to defeat her by hitting her and slamming her against a wall. The fire rises and Armando tries to burn Mike in the face, but when the first tries to punch him, Mike dodges and Armando burns his hand. Mike tries to strangle him but seeing the two of them in a mirror he is unable. He lets go of him and tries to explain to Armando that he is his son, he beats him but Mike refuses to fight and defend himself and continues to explain the truth to him. In the end, Armando grabs Mike and orders him to tell him who he is but Mike tells him to ask his mother. Armando demands the truth from his mother and Isabel confirms to Armando that Mike is his father but still orders him to kill him. Realizing that the task she spent her entire life training for was a lie, Armando refuses to kill her father and tries to protect him when Isabel tries to kill him herself, leading her to inadvertently shoot Armando in the chest while pointing at Mike. Enraged, she tries to finish off Mike, but Rita intervenes and shoots Isabel, sending her falling into the flames. Mike places Armando on the ground and calms him down, Marcus and Rita tell Mike that they should go. An explosion causes Marcus to almost fall into the flames but Mike holds him and Armando helps them just as Mike's hand slipped. Father and son bring Marcus up and the three and Rita escape the burning building, where Mike says they need a medic to treat Armando's wound. While pressing the wound, Mike tells Armando that he will have to pay for his crimes, but Mike promises that he will be there for him.

Sometime later, Rita has been promoted to police Captain and Mike brings a cake to celebrate her promotion at a party and asks to speak privately with Marcus. He thanks him for everything and tells him that if he wants to retire he will not stop him and support him but Marcus refuses and reminds him that they said they would be "Bad boys for life". At that moment Theresa appears with her and Marcus' Grandson and Mike gives them a voucher for three days at the spa, promising that he would take care of the baby while his parents are on their honeymoon. Mike and Marcus are revealed to be in charge of AMMO. In the end, Rita, the AMMO and Theresa leave and leave Mike and Marcus to take care of the baby. The couple sing "Bad Boys" to him so that he stops crying.

Mike visits a remorseful Armando in prison, offering him a chance to earn some redemption, which he accepts.


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