Mike the Messanger

Mike the Messenger is a recent ally of Spawn in the later comic series and he is the Archangel Michael.


Mike the Messenger was sent by God to assist Al Simmons.After receiving instructions from God, Mike showed Al to a fortune teller who revealed his costume is made of dead innocent souls from Al's past and later on he revealed his true idenity as the archangel Michael having being stripped of his dive powers. When Al learned that Wanda was held in the  Tunnel, Mike helped explain he would need an Angel and Demon guide to open the gate. He agreed to be the Angel guide for Al and later on when they recruied Violator Mike served as the angel half. While the Violator fulfilled the demon half. Mike and the Violator often quarreled with each other. Mike returns in #289 to check up on Al on his progess.

Powers and Ablities

Being an angel Mike posses acesss of divine powers even while stripped from them but still retains enough of his angelic abilities to fight.

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