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Mikey Simon
Mikey Simon is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon TV show, Kappa Mikey. He ends up being in Japan, and makes a lot of friends that were created by Japanese animation.


Mikey comes from the United States of America, but won a contest to appear on the LilyMu show in Tokyo, Japan. Mikey is somewhat egotistical and self-centered. He is oblivious to the world around him unless it gets him his way, and will do anything to get what he wants. His plans that often get him into trouble.


Smart, friendly, giving, curious, and optimistic, yet dim-witted, immature, naive, egotistical, careless, slightly irresponsible and a bad listener, Mikey often gets himself and his co-stars into strange disasters, which often leads to Ozu firing and rehiring them. His precociousness and failure to adapt reflects many children's experiences of trying to adjust to living in a new country or any kind of life change. He has no clear recreational hobbies except for video games, which is only referenced in two episodes. In fact, off-work, he is very lazy- his apartment is often a mess.



  • His orange hair is resembled to Fry's from Futurama.
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