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It was a retropactim!
~ Mikey

Mikey Walsh is the main hero in 1985 Movie, The Goonies.

Mikey is the kid who live in the goon docks area of Astoria. He is the younger brother of Brand Walsh.

He also portrayed by Sean Astin.


Very little s known about Mikey's life before  the events of The Goonies. When Mikey was a little kid, his father tells him about One Eyed Willy. Mikey led The Goonies on a Treasure Hunt for Pirate Treasure from the 1600's. On a rainy day, Mikey and his friends went up  into the attic of their home and found a map leading to One Eyed Willy's treasure.

Mikey has Asthma so Throughtout the movie he is shown with his inhaler.

Mikey also has braces and tells Mouth to stop messing with Chunk.

Mikey used his inhaler eleven times during the movie.

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