Mikoto is one of the major characters in the Samurai Shodown fighting game series.


Mikoto is the only daughter of the great warriors Asura and Shiki. Asura and Shiki are both servants of Yuga, Yuga is a great evil force that tortured the world 20 years ago, and even Shiki is one of Yuga's daughters. In order to save the world from the threat of Yuga, her parents have courageously passed away. Before her mother died, Shiki was gave Mikoto up to adoption a Buddhist temple and leave.

Haohmaru was left with her "grandfather" to take care of her, but she lived in the temple. Since then, Mikoto has regarded Haohmaru as her uncle. However, the blood she cursed is undeniable, but since Mikoto lives in a peaceful climate, there is nothing to worry about. That was, until one day, a man named Tohma arrived at the temple to escape his persecutors. Mikoto found this man mysterious and full of mysteries. However, she cannot stop the attraction of this man who loves life. She felt incredulous sadness in her heart and couldn't help but see him suffer.

Therefore, Mikoto decided to leave the temple and accompany Tohma to Riten Kyo, where he quickly established leadership conditions and the mysterious old man Oboro. They formed the "razor trio", and although she was not completely evil, Mikoto could not ignore the call for bloodshed, as if something in her blood was calling her.




  • She seems slightly boring when compared to classics from the series.


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