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It's true... I know I'm quibbling over nothing... But being so poor weakens a person's very soul... But...it's time I quit making silly excuses for myself!
~ Mila

Mila is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


Mila is a resident of Windfall Island who used to be be a spoiled, narcissistic, bossy, mean girl, who lived with her filthy rich father and enjoyed her status as the richest, most beautiful girl on Windfall Island. However, she was kidnapped by the Helmaroc King along with Maggie and later Link's little sister, Aryll and locked up in the Forsaken Fortress. After her rescue, her live circumstances drastically changed, and her and her father fell into poverty, as a result of the latter giving Tetra's pirates all his fortune as a reward for returning her home safely, becoming homeless and dirt poor.

In order to support her father, Mila began to work a job as an assistant at Zunari's Shop. Unfortunately, Mila eventually became desperate enough to turn to crime. In the middle of the night, the hero Link, notices Mila loitering around Windfall Island suspiciously in the dead of night. He stealthfully trails her, and then catches her in the act of attempting to steal from the Zunari's Shop safe. When caught, Mila tries to explain her life circumstances to Link as an excuse, and asks him if he feels sorry for her, to which Link says he does, and brings up that Maggie, who was once poor, somehow got rich and moved into the ornate house she and her father used to live in. However, Link still refuses to let her off the hook.

Mila eventually comes to the conclusion that she's just making silly excuses for her criminal actions. She thanks Link for letting her see reason, and gives him her only possession as a reward: an empty bottle she found at the beach. Some time later, while Mila is working her day job at Zunari's Shop, Link meets her again. She explains to Link that she has given up thieving for good, and they won't see each other at night anymore because she now works a night shift as well on a "faraway island".


Before she was kidnapped, Mila was narcissistic, bossy, and mean. Being kidnapped and thrown into a live of poverty forced Mila to become more humble and polite. Due to her circumstances, she became a hardworking girl who, despite her young age, attempted to best support her family financially. She temporarily resorted to thievery as a means to achieve this in an act of desperation, however she was able to realize the error of her ways on her own, with some help from Link. After this, she becomes even more hard-working, going as far as working a night shift on a faraway island. She seems to have become somewhat more polite young lady than she did before.



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