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Everything's coming up Milhouse!
~ Milhouse's catchphrase.

Milhouse Van Houten is a character from the animated show, The Simpsons. He is the best friend of Bart Simpson. He hangs around with Bart all the time, and get into mischief. He has a crush on Lisa throughout the series.


Milhouse is often painted as a coward. Though he is often mistreated by Bart and used as a door mat and lackey Milhouse continues to view Bart as his best friend. His affection for Bart despite frequent abuse comes mainly from the fact he believes that no one else well treat him half as well as Bart, in likelihood this is actually a fair point. Milhouse remains mostly useless as a person but frequently proves important as a plot device, acting as Bart's go to man in school. Milhouse has a prominent crush on Bart's sister Lisa but has yet to impress her in any way, the only times Lisa has felt een a twinge of affection for Milhouse is based on pity.

Milhouse knows well his place in the order of Springfield elementary, he is a weakling both physically and socially. Despite all this Milhouse well still put himself in harms way for the sake of Bart and Lisa either out of misplaced faith in his friendship or just because he believes the abuse of the Simpson children is preferably to the abuse of the other children. He is finds refuge in his own imagination though this can often lead him to fall into delusions about his importance simply as a product of his psychological coping mechanisms.


  • Milhouse is of Dutch descent.


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