Milos was a minor protagonist in the 2009 horror film Drag Me to Hell. He was played by Kevin Foster.


Milos was an accomplice of medium Shaun san Dena and he lived in California with her. Like her, Milos was Spanish and didn't speak much English.

However, he knew about demons and how to summon one. One time, a woman named Christine Brown came to Shaun san Dena because she was being plagued by the Lamia, most feared of all demons. Shaun san Dena also had a score to settle with the Lamia because it had taken a boy to Hell before she could save him. Shaun san Dena got the seance ready and Indian medium Ram Jas explained how the Lamia would be tricked into possessing a goat which would be its final vessel.

Shaun san Dena assigned Milos with his role of stabbing the goat - Milos would have the honour of killing the ancient demon once and for all, and initially Milos was afraid, but Shaun san Dena pressured him into doing it, and he said he understood.

The seance got underway and many damned souls appeared but Shaun san Dena drove them off. Next the Lamia herself came. When the Lamia came, she possessed Shaun san Dena, who gloated in Christine's despair, and said she had come to eat her soul. Then Ram Jas pleaded with the Lamia not to take Christine but the Lamia openly laughed at him. Then Ram Jas urged Milos to kill the demon when Christine put Shaun's hand on the goat, the demon screamed in anger at being tricked but possessed the goat. Milos hurridely ran to stab the goat to death but the goat twisted round, he accidentally undid the rope chaining it.

Now the goat bit Milos and he ended up possessed by the Lamia. He withstood all exorcisms and began levitating, then mocked Ram Jas and Christine's efforts. He also said that the Lamia didn't want Christine's cat sacrifice, vomiting up the cat as he said so.

Finally, Shaun san Dena used her last power to banish the Lamia from Milos, and indeed Milos was restored to normal, falling back on the table which seconds before had been on flame, and Milos confirmed he was OK. However, Shaun san Dena was dying, and later she passed away. Milos frantically called police who took her out in a stretcher.


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