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James Bond: If I don't report in by tomorrow, not only will my people, but the entire Greek police, will come down on you like a load of bricks.
Columbo: By tomorrow, we'll be good friends. Let us drink to that.
~ Columbo to Bond talking about Kristatos’ plans

Milos Columbo is the teartagonist of 007’s movie For Your Eyes Only.

He is a fictional Greek smuggler and Bibi Dahl’s uncle, serving also as the archrival of Aristotle Kristatos and a former Greek military.

He was played by Chaim Topol, who also played Reb Tevye in Reb Tevye.


Columbus is first mentioned by Aristotle Kristatos to Bond when he first meets him at the Italian ski resort of Cortina as "the dove". Bond notices that Emile Leopold Locque leaves a dove-shaped badge at the crime scene, for example the murder of Officer Luigi Ferrara, who was stabbed to death while he waited for Bond to arrive.

Bond dines with Kristatos at the casino/restaurant, where Kristatos tells Bond that Columbo is involved in big, very serious crimes, when in reality Kristatos is describing himself. Kristatos shows Columbo sitting several meters away from their table with Countess Lisl von Schlaf, who after an argument she leaves the restaurant. Bond does not intend to act immediately to be prudent, so Bond spends the night with Lisl who, however, the next day is run over and killed by Locque, while Bond is unbeknownst to him saved by Columbo's men who take him to him on board his yacht making them to lose consciousness.

Columbo explains to Bond the truth and it is proven when they raid one of Kristatos' opium processing warehouses in Albania. Columbo's men give fire cover as Bond cautiously pursues Locque who escapes into the warehouse. Bond and Columbo seize the warehouse and narrow the escape when Locque detonates explosives inside, after killing Loque, Bond cleans up by pushing his car over a cliff.

After Columbo finds the location of Krostatos' refuge in the mountains and then fights alongside Bond when they arrive there aided by his niece, Bibi Dahl and Melina Havelock, in which Columbo kills Krostatos by throwing a knife at him in the back putting an end to his threat forever (after Bond convinced Melina not to kill him that she had already overpowered him previously). Then General Gogol communicates the event to the ATAC communicator.

Eventually, Columbo becomes the new historical sponsor of his granddaughter, Bibi Dahl, the ice skater.


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