Ex-cuse me, ye-I-I believe you have my stapler...

Milton Waddams is the often-abused drone of Initech in the animated series Milton, along with its live action spinoff movie Office Space.


Milton is a shy, neurotic employee that stutters constantly. His desk gets moved repeatedly over the course of a year, frustrating him no end. He used to have a desk facing a window where he got to see two squirrels playing, only to be moved for no apparent reason. When Initech switched from the Swingline staplers to Boston staplers, Milton kept his Swingline because they don't bind up as much.

Milton hates his job even more than the other employees, which is saying a lot. In a phone conversation it was revealed that Milton will quit if his desk gets moved again and if anyone takes his stapler he'll set the building on fire. Over the course of the movie, Milton is pushed further and further into making his threat real. At Lumberg's birthday party, Milton is denied a piece of cake and has to watch everyone else enjoy theirs. Lumberg then moves Milton's desk into the basement and tells him to deal with the cockroaches while he's down there. Finally, Lumberg takes Milton's stapler just to be cruel.

Milton tries asking Lumberg's secretary if he could have his stapler back, only to be ignored. Milton then walks into Lumberg's office in the hopes of finding his stapler, only to find an unmarked check for 300k lying on the floor. Realising the opportunity he had, Milton set the building on fire and travelled to the Carribbean.

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