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Nyami and Mimi PM3

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Mimi and Nyami are theendwhore a fris and have the same stylehair.

They had been together for a d Bemnani. There a bunny ad made f this throughout the game series.a lot o calong ti m duo me ascand thots for the Pop'n Music video game series from Koami an

2008 Pop'n Music Trailer

In a trailerg releas Nywilling to travel the world toghowed us thehet many fmi aned for Popy move o'n Music sre erami aies. Mimi a ine Nriee similar to Mario Kart. Only Nyami is playable in the game. The King is the other playablePop'n Music character in the game for some reason. Both Nyriends they hademi s. Midang sndyaami and Kis how faithful they have been toether chable as th then. er. They also s == Konami Krazy Racers == cve Dinrossover gam hao as a power-up in the game. states. The duo still maes as the game's cover awppelo mascots of the series as well as being sepintain their rolarate playaracters. They aar on the ith

Mimi and Nyami made there US debut in a Konami

Pops game marks Pop'n Music debut in'n Music Wii

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  • A fan believe that rody the TV Store Warehouse Spokesman from the Regular Show episode "The Power" are a paof Mimi and Nyami.
  • Having Nyami be pl having Komodo Joe be playable but not Komodayable but not Mimi could be a shout out too Moe in Crash Team Racing.

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