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Mina Ashido, also known as Pinky, is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. She is a supporting protagonist from My Hero Academia.

She is voiced by Eri Kitamura in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Caitlin Glass in the English version.


Mina is a teenage girl of medium height with a humanoid appearance, due to her Quirk affecting her skin pigment, she has a pinkish complexion. Her eyes are yellow with black irises, and she has short, fluffy pink hair with two yellow antennae protruding from the top.

Mina's hero costume consists of a white mask along with a purple and turquoise, camouflage-styled skin-tight bodysuit that ends just above her breasts. She wears a short, sleeveless waistcoat which is beige in color and has a fur-aligned hood. Along with this, she also wears custom plum and beige acid-proof boots with holes in the bottom that allow her secrete acid and use it to slide around.


Mina is an enthusiastic, cheery, and friendly girl, often seen smiling and kindly interacting with others. She is often quite free-spirited and is very skilled at dancing. Mina despises bullying and would stand up to, but also pacify bullies in middle-school, with her helping others motivating her desire to become a hero. Mina also proved herself to be quite brave, as she rushed in to save her friends from Gigantomachia, despite having been afraid of the giant herself.

Mina can be something of an air-head, and has shown to suffer academically while hiding her distress over the upcoming written exam. However, it is shown that she can overcome this and can become dedicated if given the right tutelage, having pushed past her difficulties after attending Momo Yaoyorozu's study session.

Mina is also something of a romantic, and took immediate interest upon discovering that her friend Ochaco Uraraka had developed feelings for one of her classmates. She becomes very interested in the possible love-lives of others, almost to an obnoxious extent, as seen with seeing Shota Aizawa with Ms. Joke together. Then she comes back taking an interest in Ochaco's close relationship with Izuku Midoriya. Mina teases Ochaco for grabbing onto Izuku so hard in her attempt to save him, implying that she knows that she likes him, which causes both Ochaco and Izuku to turn bright red in embarrassment.

Later on, Mina eventually confirms her suspicions following a random gift exchange, after realizing that Ochaco and Izuku had exchanged gifts, with Ochaco herself affirming she's in love him, but decided to put her feelings away for now to focus on her dream, which made Mina feel ecstatic for Ochaco loving Izuku.

After a session in which the class showcases their progress after Winter Break, she witnesses a touching exchange between Ochaco and Izuku in which the two bump their fists thanking each other for making one another stronger, which she watches with much joyfulness for them.

For intents and purposes, Mina is one of the staunchest supporters and hopefuls for an eventual relationship between Izuku and Ochaco.

Powers and abilities


Mina is an accomplished break dancer. Even Yuga Aoyama, a rather recursive person, praises her skill. Izuku Midoriya believes her dancing skills could be used for combat or in conjunction with her acid quirk


Mina's Acid Quirk.

Mina's Quirk, Acid, allows her to generate acid from her body. She can manipulate the properties of the acid such as viscosity.

Mina's main form of offense with her Quirk is to generate corrosive acid to melt her targets. She can use the acid defensively as well by creating a shield made of thick acid to melt projectiles aimed at her. In addition, for utility purposes, she can melt holes in a wall for climbing or release slippery, non-corrosive liquid from her feet for sliding around.




  • Mina's rejected hero name Alien Queen, references Ellen Ripley from the movie Alien, where the titular, extra-terrestrial creature that possesses lethal acidic blood.
    • Miss Midnight didn't like it and told her to pick a different one.
  • Ashido taught most of the class how to dance.
  • Her mask is likely to protect her eyesight so she doesn't misfire her acid; given a secret identity would be pointless given her all-pink body.

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