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Mina Majikina is one of the major protagonists in Samurai Shodown series of fighting games.


A lonely girl of mysterious origin, even for herself, Mina has a sentimental connection with the village she lives in, although she does not have so many people talking. After a period of demon hunting, she came back and found that her village was completely destroyed and everyone was massacred. The only survivor is her pet, Chample, who is the only person she cares about. As she went looking for someone to destroy her village, she learned of the evil existence of Japan. She hunt it and find the answer.

She is born with a strong spiritual power. Therefore, she separated from her family and grew up to be a goddess Kaminchu. But because her spiritual strength is so strong, she was afraid of her own villagers and became the abandoned person in her village. Slowly, she forgot how to smile. Her only friend is her pet Chample.

Obviously, Champuru is the one who destroyed her village. However, she killed Chample to avenge the death of her villagers, but also killed herself, so she can always be with Chample forever.



  • Mina has incredible range, but is VERY vulnerable up close.


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