Minccino is a Pokemon from Generation V. It evolves into Cinccino if given a Shiny Stone.



Minccino is small quadrupedal rodent-based Pokémon that resembles a chinchilla. Its body is mostly covered in silky light grayish fur, and its ears and tail are tipped with patches of cream white fur. Its tail is long, silky, and fluffy. It has large rounded ears with pinkish insides and small tufts of fur on the outside of each ear. It has an upright tuft of fur sprouting from atop its head, large round brownish eyes, a tiny black nose, and a small mouth. A tuft of fur protrudes from beneath its chin. It has short, stubby limbs and small pink paw pads on the undersides of its fore-paws and feet.

Although it is a quadruped (it runs swiftly on all fours), Minccino can stand upright and walk as a biped as well.

The Shiny Minccino has pink fur, with green fluff inside the ear.


Minccino are obsessed with neatness and cleanliness. They always keep themselves well-groomed and clean, and are constantly dusting and sweeping with their tails. They use their tails to thoroughly dust unclean objects and sweep their habitats, as they prefer to live in a tidy place. They greet one another by rubbing each other with their fluffy tails, which may also be a way of grooming one another. If they meet someone that they dislike, they will sweep dust onto the person's body.

Special abilities

Minccino are experts at cleanliness. They are very swift Pokémon, and their signature move is Tail Slap.


Minccino evolves into Cinccino with the use of a Shiny Stone.

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