Minden is one of the Wingmaidens and Atali's second-in-command, from Dragons: Race to the Edge.

She is voiced by Holly Kagis.


Like the other Wingmaidens, she is respectful towards the others. She was annoyed by Snotlout's behaviour and played a role in his capture. Later on, she comes to understand and befriend Snotlout, trusting his judgement.

Physical Appearance

Minden appears to be a young woman, sporting auburn hair tied back in a ponytail, and large aqua eyes. She and her fellow Wingmaidens are described as "native", though it is ambiguous what this means. She has a quiet demeanor and a square jaw, and like all Wingmaidens, she has a beauty of her own. She even wears the standard Wingmaiden armor dress and carries a spear.


In "Snotlout's Angels", Minden is one of the women tasked with caring for an unexpected male guest to their island - Snotlout Jorgenson. After dealing with the arrival of the other Dragon Riders, Snotlout's escape, and trouble at the Razorwhip nests, Minden is able to sit down around a fire with the Wingmaiden's new allies.

Trying to Prove Herself

In "Chain of Command", Snotlout tells her when she starts to doubt herself. As a thank you for his support and friendship, she gives him a kiss on the lips.


  • Minden's appearance is similar to that of America Ferrera, who voices Astrid Hofferson.


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