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This is Lieutenant Minh Young Kim. We're here to help.
~ Kim in RAAM's Shadow.
Thank the Sovereigns for that.
~ Kim during the evacuation of Ilima.

Lieutenant Minh Young Kim is a fictional character in the Gears of War series, being a supporting character in the first game, and a playable character in Gears of War 3: RAAM's Shadow.

He was voiced by Robin Atkin Downes, who also voiced Cham Syndulla in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, Travis Touchdown in the No More Heroes series, Kazuhira Miller in the Metal Gear Solid series, Michael Becket in Fear 3, and played Tenzin in Uncharted 2.


He was a Gear officer who served in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army during the Locust War, most notably during the Evacuation of Ilima and the Lightmass Offensive. A firm, honorable soldier with a "by-the-book" leadership style, Kim was extremely loyal to the ideals of the COG. He led the mission to rescue Marcus Fenix from Jacinto Maximum Security Prison despite his reservations about a man he regarded as a deserter. He was killed only hours later by General RAAM.


Early Life

Minh Young Kim's early life isn't known, except that he was born in Ephyra, and grew to become a patriot and uphold the views of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Kim later joined the COG doing or near the end of the Pendulum Wars, as he was corporal when Emergency Day occurred. During E-Day, Kim met with Victor Hoffman and Anya Stroud when the Locust emerged, and ordered his squad to guard the House of Sovereigns as he escorted Hoffman and Stroud. Kim survived E-Day, but his squad wasn't so lucky, being killed by the Locust when the Hammer of Dawn went offline.

RAAM's Shadow

This is for Valera!
~ Kim attempting avenge Valera's death by charging General RAAM.

By 9 AE, Kim was promoted to lieutenant and became the commander of Zeta Six, leading fellow Gears Michael Barrick, Tai Kaliso and Alicia Valera to rescue civilians during the evacuation of Ilima. The squad managed to rescue numerous civilians, notably Jace Stratton, who would later become a Gear himself. During the evacuation, Kim encountered RAAM, the infamous general of the Locust Horde, and witnessed him murder Valera. Enraged, Kim attempted to avenge her death by killing General RAAM, but was stopped by Barrick. Due to him refusing to follow Command's orders to withdraw from Ilima, Kim was "demoted" and reassigned to Delta Squad, becoming the commander of Delta One. Now leading a group of misfits in Delta, Kim felt undervalued, and gained the urge to prove himself again to his superiors.

Gears of War

You've got a lot of nerve, soldier. I know all about your trial.
~ Kim to Marcus Fenix.

Four years later, the COG came up with a plan to defeat the Locust for good, and it was called the Lightmass Offensive. Kim was joined with Anthony Carmine, Dom Santiago and Marcus Fenix, who had just been rescued from the Slab by Dom. Hoffman then ordered Kim and Delta to find Alpha Squad, who were carrying the Sonic Resonator they needed to defeat the Locust. After rescuing Augustus Cole and meeting with Damon Baird, Kim called in a Raven to get them and the resonator, but it was destroyed by the Locust, and both squads were forced to fight.

During the battle, Kim ordered the others to retreat into the Tomb, and continued to fight against the Locust in the street. General RAAM suck up behind Kim and impaled with him with his blade, similar to how he had killed Valera years prior. After his death, Marcus became the commander of Delta Squad, and avenged him by killing General RAAM during the Battle on the Tyro Pillar.





  • He was originally written to be a supporting female character.
  • His model is used for Anthony and Benjamin Carmine, along with other helmeted Gear soldiers in Gears of War 2.
  • He wasn't originally going to appear in RAAM's Shadow, as his role was originally meant for Jonathan Harper, but the writers decided that fans would probably like to see Kim since General RAAM was in the DLC.
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