Just a few more alterations, and I'll be done with your most terrifying cape yet. I'm calling it... the Black Mambaaaa....
~ Minion

Minion is the deuteragonist of the Megamind franchise. He is the tritagonist of Megamind, and the deuteragonist of Megamind: The Button of Doom. He is a talking alien fish in a robotic suit (which resembles an ape) and happens to be the best friend of Megamind (the protagonist of the film). 

He is voiced by David Cross, who also played Ian Hawke and Crane.


At the beginning of the movie, he and Megamind were sent to Earth as infants, and together they had to face being neglected by society, eventually becoming super-villains and rivals to the famed superhero Metro Man. But it wasn't until Megamind finally defeated Metro Man with the usage of copper, which allowed him, Minion, and their armies of Brain-Bots to take over Metro City by force, though it turns out later that Metro Man faked his demise to retire as a superhero to pursue a career in music.

However, Megamind feels empty after his victory, so he decides to create a new hero by creating a new serum composed of Metro Man's powers and injecting a person who'd be worthy to use them for good. Of course, Minion secretly doesn't approve of this, but reluctantly tags along. After the serum is accidentally injected into a Roxanne Ritchi's cameraman Hal Stewart, Minion (posing as Hal's 'Space Step-Mom') helps Megamind (posing as Hal's 'Space-Dad') in training Hal to become a hero and using the powers properly. Unaware to Megamind and Minion, Hal (who calls himself Tighten) doesn't plan to use his powers to do the greater good but to win Roxanne's heart to himself.

Eventually, Minion's friendship with Megamind was put at stake when he learned that Megamind has been secretly dating Roxanne under his 'Bernard' disguise, so he left him in an angry huff, much to Megamind's dismay. Minion is even more upset to hear that Tighten has turned evil and is now using his powers to create havoc in Metro City after being spurned by Roxanne. However, Megamind and Minion's friendship was put back together when he confronted Megamind at the Metro City Prison, where the latter expresses his dear remorse for hurting Minion. Touched by this, Minion accepts Megamind's apology and aids him in defeating Tighten and removing his powers for good before being praised as the new heroes of Metro City.


  • Minion was a robot with a fish inside a dome of water and his body, arms, and legs are that of a gorilla which represents Donkey Kong.



  • He is not to be confused with Gru's yellow minions of the same name.
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