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Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke is one of the two tetartagonists from the Strike Witches anime series. She is the leader of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing.

She is voiced by Rie Tanaka in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Anastasia Munoz in the English version of the anime.


She is skilled at leading operations and squad management and, rather than pursuing her own individual military gains, she focus on the efficient military performance of the squad as a whole. She also has a tendency to look after her subordinates, which causes some to have a motherly impression about her.

Maybe due coming from a family that produced musicians for generations, Minna's demeanor is graceful and gentle, overflowing with elegance. She seldom gets angry, but possesses the backbone to stand in direct opposition in face of unreasonableness no matter who the adversary is. Although blessed with resourcefulness and flexible thinking, she is fragile once that last line in her heart is crossed and also has an inflexible side that relies on the rules to maintain her mental balance. If peace happens to come, her dream for the future is to become a singer.

Minna has been portrayed as harboring special feelings that surpass friendship towards Squadron Leader Sakamoto, a comrade in arms from since before the 501st Joint Fighter Wing's formation who often works together with her from a squad management standpoint. This is to the point that she worried about the relationship that Sakamoto - who was then working as an instructor at a training school in Yokosuka - had with her students. Also, because Squadron Leader Sakamoto and Sergeant Miyafuji from her unit often display an extremely unprecedented behavior, she has some degree of prejudice similar to resignation towards Fuso Witches in general.

As someone who prefers showers, Minna is self-conscious about having a hard time dealing with the Fuso-style of baths, in which many go in together. On that note, it seems that she purposely chooses a timing when she can bathe alone. She also seems to have a liking for foods and drinks with an extremely strong taste.

Ace Archetype

Her ace archetype is Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke. Similar to Minna, Wolf-Dietrich bore the nickname "Fürst" amongst his friends and squadmates.


Minna's inherent magic is called Three Dimensional Space Understanding Ability. Classified in the perception-lineage, it makes possible to perceive and discern all nearby targets in every direction, sorting out their position, number and classification. It also serves her well as a commander, being useful for noticing small details about others and maintaining unit cohesion (such as appearing suddenly to diffuse arguments).