Minori Ichinose

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Minori Ichiose is the tritagonist from the anime series, Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Papaya, and she has a eyes charm point.

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Minori is the young girl has a short light brown hair with the fluffy and blue eyes with her wearing glasses. She wears a ruffing light blue shirt on her pastel yellow dress on the white, a gold lining and light blue ribbon shoulder straps, white socks and orange loafers. Minori also has a yellow Heart Kuru Ring in the left finger.

As Cure Papaya, she has her hair growing out and turning into orange, on with her pulled onto the ponytail hangs into the layer bun wears a red, yellow, and green beads on her yellow butterfly in that corner. She has her eyes is sky blue gain the yellow heart-shaped with her flecks on eyelashes. She has a yellow, white top, white sleeves, yellow collar and white and orange stripes. Her middle of the light blue shell it has a light orange and white bow. Her skirt is pale yellow has a darker with the light green belt and pink ruffles other than each sides with the top with a orange band has the lighter stripe and two bows on her bottom. Her boots is flat orange has the light blue toward at the bottom with a loose yellow leg has the green bands on top. She also wears a include light yellow fingerless gloves it has cutouts on the heart-shaped at her back, yellow shaped choker and red earrings has a green and yellow fruits hang on to them.


Minori is very intelligent and loves to read in 2nd year middle school student. She is an excellent student who was the best grader at the class. She loves her poker face, she is so struggles with her emotions. Basically, she is the strong girl of herself. She loves her fairytale is "The Little Mermaid" when she was a young, and she lot a about tells her stories with the mermaids.


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