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Heroine Overview

Mipha's Grace is ready.
~ Mipha
One day, Princess... I must leave him... to face my fate with Ruta.
~ Mipha to Princess Zelda
This will be our final opportunity. We will NOT FAIL!
~ Mipha opens fire at Calamity Ganon.

Mipha is a character that appears in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

She is voiced by Mayu Isshiki in the Japanese version, and by Amelia Gotham in the English version.


Although usually demure and introverted, Mipha can be courageous when needed and does whatever she can to assist Link and her allies in any way she can - especially in their battle to stop the Calamity Ganon's return. She is also very protective of her family as shown in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, where she goes out to search for her brother who disappeared and finds him on the forbidden Ploymus Rock holding a spear against a Lynel, a monster known for wielding a bow and use of Shock Arrows, which the Zora tribe is extremely weak to. She can sometimes be a bit stubborn and will refuse to retreat when she knows that her people are under attack, even from electic foes and goes out of her way to ensure their safety and goes out to even blast an electric Moblin that came close to killing her father. She cares about her family and a century after losing her life, she longed to see her family one more time and apologize for making them all worry for her, given that King Dorephan made her promise to return home alive when the Calamity is dealt with.

Mipha is known to be extremely kind, treating both her people and strangers with equal kindness. Her cutscene in the Champion’s Ballad shows that she was a nurturing elder sister to Sidon and ingrains "I believe in you." into his mind which he would say to Link a hundred years later. She also charges him to protect Zora's Domain with his life if in the event she doesn't come home alive. Her death would have a major emotional impact on the Zoras who knew her. While soft-spoken for the most part, she is rarely seen losing her cool and she intensely despises the thought of anybody reading her diary and during a secret dialogue with Link in The Champions' Ballad, she tells Link that if he finds her diary, she suddenly bursts out in anger, warning him not to read it, but she soon catches herself and hopes that Link would respect it.

Mipha is also known to be in love with Link, promising to heal him whenever and no matter how bad the wound may be. She shyly tells him that after the Great Calamity was dealt with, she wants to spend time with him, like they did in their childhood. Due to her timid nature, she doesn't directly confess her feelings to him, but instead gives hints without making it clear as she lacked the courage to actually tell him. When she does try though, she loses her will by either goes around the reason why the Zora Armor (made by Zora Princesses to give to their future husbands) fit him perfectly or longing to tell him something but instead tells Link to dismiss it and at one point, she almost makes Link aware of her feelings in Age of Calamity and in an embarrassed panic, tries to outwardly deny it. Mipha is also aware of Link's relationship with Princess Zelda and due to his being appointed as her top knight who guards her wherever she goes, she was a bit envious of them being together regularly, but she never tries to get in their way. She remains polite and thoughtful to the princess and at one point tried to console her and provide some advice but doesn't finish as Ganon breaks out of his seal.

Mipha's relationship with the Champions is also positive. She forms a brother-sister bond with Daruk in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity as they travel with the princess to calibrate the Divine Beast and wants to start her training with him in order to prepare and improve to stand a better chance at fighting tougher enemies and Daruk seems to be aware of her crush on Link, but in respect doesn't point it out. Mipha and Revali rarely interact despite being together with the others and aware of each other's existence; but when they do, they work quite well with one another. She doesn't openly chastise him for his callousness towards Link, but instead shoots him a dirty look, which Revali doesn't seem to notice. Revali does show concern for her when she's nervous and when she settles down, he smiles in relief. If the two of them are paired in Age of Calamity, Mipha is very respectful to Revali and praises him for his prowess and Revali is very gentle with her and will remind her to look after herself as he knew of her power to heal wounds which being the team medic is pivotal in a life and death scenario. Mipha has little interactions with Urbosa, but the Gerudo Champion noticed how she, Link, Zelda, and Revali are still very young and Hyrule's future, and she and Daruk wanted to help them see that future. When paired, they both seem to get along fine and are courteous of each other.


Mipha is a magenta-colored Zora (with some pink in various places) with a white front and golden-colored eyes. Being a member of the Zora tribe, she resembles a mix of dolphin and shark; she has webbed feet and light blue fins with a yellow end, has slight muscles, and sharp teeth. She mainly wears silver jewelry consisting of a crown, a heart-shaped choker necklace, matching bracelets, a crescent chain belt with pale diamond shaped blue gems in them and twin anklets.

Before becoming Champion, Mipha wore a tiara on her forehead, an ultramarine sash, a pure white scarf, and golden rope along her left shoulder; she also wears waterdrop shaped shoulder pads with gems and a Zora crest pendant attached to her necklace. Since becoming Champion, Mipha removes these garments and begins wearing her sky-blue Champion's sash with a white Divine Beast Vah Ruta emblem which is held together by a silver buckle with a jewel on it and her chained necklace is different in appearance.

Powers and Abilities

Mipha has the unique power to heal others, an ability that no other Zora has. In fact her ability Mipha's Grace - a power that's bestowed to Link after freeing her, which can revitalize his hearts whenever they are depleted (not only restore Link to full health, but gives him four to five extra hearts).

Other than healing, Mipha is a prodigy in spearmanship and is said that her skills are to be in a class of her own, Mipha owns a trident that is referred to as the Lightscale Trident.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mipha appears as an advanced-ranked support spirit who increases the user's critical-health stats. His spirit battle is a stamina battle against Inkling who heals over time on the battlefield form of the Great Bay stage.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link's Recovered Memories

I was thinking... this reminds me of the time we first met. You were just a reckless child... always getting yourself hurt at every turn. Every time, I would heal you. Just as I'm doing right now. I thought it was funny how, being a Hylian, you looked grown-up so much faster than I did. I was... I was always willing to heal your wounds. Even back then. So, if this Calamity Ganon does, in fact, return, what can we really do? We just don't seem to know much about what we'll be up against. But know this: that no matter how difficult this battle might get... if you—if anyone ever tries to do you harm... Then I will heal you. No matter when, or how bad the wound... I hope you know... that I will always protect you. Once this whole thing is over... maybe things can go back to how they used to be when we were young. You know... Perhaps we could spend some time together.
~ Mipha conversation with Link during Mipha's Touch
If I may... I thought you... Well, I'm not sure how to put this into words... I'm actually quite embarrassed to say it. But I was thinking about what I do when I'm healing. You know, what usually goes through my mind... It helps when I think—when I think about—
~ Mipha trying to console Zelda before being interrupted in Return of Calamity Ganon
Are you sure?
~ Asking Revali if Ganon came back

Divine Beast Vah Ruta Quest

You're here. I must say... that I am so happy to see that this day has finally arrived. Now Ruta can be freed of Ganon's control. You'll need a map to prevent you from getting lost. The Guidance Stone there contains the information that you will need.
~ Mipha relieved to see Link after he boards Vah Ruta
Good! You've obtained the map of the Divine Beast. You will see several glowing points on your map which represent the terminals that control Ruta. Take Ruta back by activating all of the terminals. Be careful.
~ Instructing Link
There are four terminals remaining. Don't give up!
~ When Link activates the first terminal
There are three terminals remaining. You can do it!
~ When he activates the second terminal
There are two terminals remaining. You're nearly there...
~ When he activate the third terminal
Just one terminal remaining! I have faith in you!
~ When he activates the fourth terminal
You activated all the terminals! Now you can start the main control unit. There should be a new glowing mark on your map. Head there! Be careful not to let your guard down.
~ Having all five terminals activated
Please take care. That... thing is one of Ganon's creations. I put up as much of a fight as I could, but it proved to be my demise 100 years ago... Regardless... I believe that you are well prepared for this moment. I have faith in you!
~ Regarding Waterblight Ganon
Hello, Link. Because of your courage, my spirit is now free. And Ruta, as well. Thank you. For I am now allowed this freedom... to be with you once again. Since I am now a spirit, my healing power would be wasted on me. I have no need of it. So therefore...I would like you to have it. Please accept... Mipha's Grace.
~ Granting Link her power
Yesterday, I was awash in a pool of tears. I had nearly given up hope and resigned myself to being trapped here, as a spirit, for the rest of eternity. But now you're here. All this time, my hope... was to see you once more. Promise me that you will not hesitate to call upon my power if you ever find yourself in need. Knowing that... will let my spirit rest in peace. I must go. Ruta and I have our roles to fulfill. We are both honored to be able to play the role of support. We'll annihilate Ganon together. Farewell. Save her, Link. Save the princess... Save Princess Zelda...
~ Mipha recounts her loss of hope before Link arrived before sending on his way
Ruta, we've found a way to be useful to Link. And... the other Champions, of course. Our job will be to help Link as he fights Ganon inside the castle...however we can. Using your ability to drain Ganon of his power is key to our success. This is it. This will be our last chance... and everyone's last hope. If we seal him away, then we can restore peace to Hyrule. And both your duty and mine will be fulfilled.
~ After getting Ruta into position
Father, are you well, I wonder... I want you to know... I have always followed my heart. I'm sorry I made you worry... I wish I could see you again... Even just once more...
~ Mipha thinking of her father
It is my pleasure!
~ Reviving Link
This will be our final opportunity. We will NOT FAIL!
~ Opening fire once Calamity Ganon escapes

The Champions' Ballad

So, Princess... May I ask who the other chosen Champions are?
~ Mipha inquiring Zelda
Link. Oh...
~ Learning who the chosen knight is
Sidon! Hurry and swim up here!
~ Calling to her toddler brother
One day, Princess... I must leave him... to face my fate with Ruta.
~ Justifying her need to teach him to swim up waterfalls before leaving him
Join me. We'll go together so you can get a feel for it.
~ To Sidon before riding up the waterfall
Sweet Sidon. Should fate ever part us... I'm counting on you to protect our beloved home from harm. Understood
~ Mipha charging Sidon to protect Zora's Domain if anything happened to her
I believe in you. Now, shall we try one more time?
~ Asking if he wants to go again
Oh, wow. I would love to see it. Um, Princess... May I ask a special favor of you?
~ Becoming interested in taking photos
~ Being told by Purah to relax for the photo

Secret Dialogue

You're so strong... so much stronger than before. The power of Mipha's Grace will now recharge much faster. As powerful as you are, I'm certain that you can save Hyrule... as well as the princess who awaits you.
~ Mipha reducing her ability's the cooldown time
Link. Do you recall the time we went off to defeat that monster together? The Lynel of Ploymus Rock was terrorizing us all. But then you came along. You and I fought as one and... Does any of that sound familiar?
~ Mipha asking Link if he remembers her fighting the Lynel with her
Link... How much do you remember of what took place between us 100 years ago? Do you know why that Zora Armor fit you so perfectly? There are many things that I hope you will remember, but if you can't recall those memories, I suppose it can't be helped. As for me... I shall never forget...
~ Trying to confess her love for Link
Link. If you happen to, uh... That is to say, if you should find my diary somewhere... DON'T YOU DARE READ IT! Oh! I did not mean to raise my voice. But I do hope that you will respect my wish...
~ Mipha urging Link not to read her diary
If you ever return to Zora's Domain... Please tell Father that I am sorry. Tell Sidon to believe in himself. And someday, please tell the princess that I wish I could have told her... all of the things I never said. As for you Link... Well, never mind.
~ Mipha asking Link to tell her family and Princess Zelda everything but couldn't tell Link about her feelings
You are truly exceptional. That thing took my life before I could even fight back. I believe that with the power you've attained you can defeat Ganon. My prayers are with you as well. Please, dear friend... save the princess.
~ Praising Link for defeating Waterblight Ganon again

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Main Story

Well, Link. You've grown since I last seen you. And yet... you have not changed.
~ Meeting Link again
This creature is a... Guardian? How cute!
~ Her opinion on Terrako
What of my father?
~ Hearing of an attack
Sidon is missing?! ... We will find Sidon. You must watch over the domain.
~ Learning of Sidon's disappearance
Sidon! Why would you try to fight that beast alone? I was so worried about you!
~ Scolding Sidon for worrying her
But still, I am proud. What a brave little brother I have.
~ Praising her brother
Oh no...
~ Seeing monster reinforcements
What is that?
~ Seeing Divine Beast Vah Ruta's schematics on Zelda's Sheikah Slate
Yes, Father.
~ To King Dorephan
Daruk, I have a request. Might I... join you for training next time? I would like to be fully prepared. Learning new ways to fight foes might do me some good.
~ To Daruk
~ Stuttering at the sight of Link
This is quite the fog...
~ Commenting on the state of Korok Forest
How can I beat back my own shadow?
~ Mipha's reaction to her Hollow copy
So, Daruk... About what we discussed...
~ Reminding Daruk about their earlier conversation
Thank you. I hope to become stronger so I can fight... alongside...
~ Mipha almost revealing her true intentions
Oh! No, I-I was just um... Ah...
~ Trying to deny everything to Link
The Calamity is here?
~ Witnessing Calamity Ganon's arrival
So, this is how it ends?
~ Mipha fighting against Waterblight Ganon
~ Confusion at the sight of her now adult brother saving her from death
Such strength...
~ Just before help arrives
Sidon... It's all so mysterious. Is it truly you, my brother?
~ Questioning the adult Sidon's familial relationship
Here we go!
~ Preparing to defend Akkala Citadel with Sidon
And we'll join you as soon as we can!
~ Promising to join them when they're through
Right. Sidon it's an honor to fight beside you. I'm proud of the Zora you've become. Remember that.
~ Expressing pride in her brother for how long he's come
Now it's time to focus on the fight ahead. You're ready for this, right?
~ Shifting her focus on the battle
Thank goodness. It looks like it went well."
~ Mipha relieved that the Sheikah Towers are working again and the armies are united
We must!
~ Opening fire
I know... that we'll meet again, dear brother.
~ Bidding farewell as her brother is being sent back into the future
Was there something we didn't do?
~ Becoming worried about Terrako not working still

Guardian of Remembrance

Thank you for your efforts. I'm going to heal you now...
~ To the Zora Captain
Still more monsters!
~ Spying powerful monsters headed her way
~ To her infant brother who wields a spear against the Electric Moblin
Sidon! Please no! You must run!
~ Pleading Sidon to turn tail
I'm so glad you're OK! Thank you so much. Both of you.
~ Relieved that both present and future Sidons are still standing
But what... what are you doing here?
~ Asking the young Sidon why he's in Goponga Village


  • Mipha is the only Champion who speaks when her ability Mipha's Grace is utilized, saying "It is my pleasure", while the other Champions grunt when their abilities are used.
    • In addition, it's the only ability which is utilized only once before requiring a recharge, as the other Champions' abilities are used three times before a cooldown. Furthermore, there is no button to activate Mipha's Grace; instead, it is automatically activated when Link loses all of his hearts, while the other three are manually activated with the press and hold of a button on the controller.
    • Mipha's Grace has the longest cooldown time as it requires 24 minutes before it can be used again. If the "Mipha's Song Sidequest" part of the EX The Champions' Ballad is completed, the cooldown period is shortened to 8 minutes.
  • The EX The Champions' Ballad reveals that Mipha told her brother "I believe in you." after giving him a ride up the waterfall, and before asking if he wants to go one more time. Prince Sidon often encourages Link with this line 100 years later.

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