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Heroine Overview

One day, Princess... I must leave him... to face my fate with Ruta.
~ Mipha
This will be our final opportunity. We will NOT FAIL!
~ Mipha opens fire at Calamity Ganon.

Mipha is a character that appears in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

She is voiced by Mayu Isshiki in the Japanese version, and by Amelia Gotham in the English version.


Although usually demure and introverted, Mipha can be courageous when needed and does whatever she can to assist Link and her allies in any way she can - especially in their battle to stop the Calamity Ganon's return.

Mipha is known to be extremely kind, treating both her people and strangers with equal kindness. Her cutscene in the Champion’s Ballad shows that she was a nurturing elder sister to Sidon.

Mipha is also known to be in love with Link, promising to heal him whenever and no matter how bad the wound may be. She shyly tells him that after the Great Calamity was dealt with, she wants to spend time with him, like they did in their childhood.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Mipha is the crown princess of the Zora tribe and the daughter of King Dorephan and the elder sister of Prince Sidon. She is also friends with Link (which dates back to their childhood). Her mentor Muzu cared for her greatly and was prodigious with a spear having learned it from Seggin, a member of the Zora Royal Guard.

Mipha created a Zora Armor and intends to give it to her future husband, which is Link, whom she has romantic feelings for. Unfortunately Mipha wasn't able to give the armor to Link before her death. Her father and brother were aware of her feelings for the Hylian knight, but kept it a secret from her mentor Muzu, because of his prejudice view of Hylians.

She was chosen by King Rhoam and Princess Zelda to become the Zora Champion and pilot of the Divine Beast Vah Ruta as a protector of Hyrule. Out of all the four Champions, she had the easiest time controlling her beast - a feat which shocked Zelda, due to Mipha's fragile nature. Regardless, she was killed by the Waterblight Ganon during the Great Calamity and her spirit remained trapped inside the corrupted beast for 100 years, which left her own father, Zora King Dorephan, heartbroken by her death. After Link defeats the creature and frees her spirit, Mipha appears and shares her powers with him and reveals that she regrets not being able to see her father before her death after setting sights on Hyrule Castle where Ganon resided. 100 years later, after Link had woken from the Shrine of Resurrection, Mipha’s Zora Armor, and later her Lightscale Trident were given to Link. Later, when Calamity Ganon breaks free, Mipha and the other Champions open fire upon it.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, which takes place in a new timeline, separate from the events in Breath of the Wild, just before Calamity Ganon launched his attack, a small Guardian named Terrako traveled into the past to warn the past versions of Zelda, Link, and the Champions of Calamity Ganon's impending attack and give them time to muster their forces for when he arrives. Mipha is speaking with Link alone shortly after Zelda met with Mipha's father, Zora King Dorephan, to ask about picking a Champion to pilot Divine Beast Vah Ruta. King Dorephan politely refused Zelda's request, not wanting to put Mipha in danger like that, especially if the knight chosen to seal the darkness of Calamity Ganon has not appeared yet to aid Zelda and the Champions with defeating it. Before Zelda could try to convince him to change his mind, a guard arrived with word of an attack by Ganon's monsters from Ploymus Mountain.

Princess Mipha! Monsters on Ploymus Mountain! Marching this way!
What of my father?
His Majesty is leading the army to intercept. He...thought the Prince was here with you...
Sidon is missing?! ... We will find Sidon. You must watch over the domain.
~ A Zora soldier warns Mipha of the situation threatening Zora's Domain.

With King Dorephan leading the defense, Mipha goes to find her younger brother Sidon, saving him from the Lynel that lived on Ploymus Mountain, which later returns with reinforcements to attack the Zora troops under Mipha and Sidon's father, greatly overpowering and outnumbering them.

However, after Terrako suggests bringing Divine Beast Vah Ruta into the fight to stop Ganon's forces, Mipha pushes them back using Vah Ruta just as an Electric Moblin was about to attack her father, causing the surviving troops to lose nerve and flee in the face of Vah Ruta's firepower, and after taking out the rest of them, including a large contingent of regular red-maned Lynels firing their electric arrows from their bows, using Vah Ruta's abilities, King Dorephan agrees to have her pilot Vah Ruta against Calamity Ganon, but only under the promise that she comes back safe and alive as his heart would not be able to bear the grief of losing her, especially with Sidon still so young that he would need his big sister for support until he gets older.

With the Champions gathered, Mipha develops a big brother-little sister relationship with Goron Champion Daruk as they are passing through Castle Town as Zelda works to calibrate the Divine Beasts for them, but are ambushed by the Yiga Clan under Sooga. Though Mipha and Daruk hold them off, and push them back, it was a decoy ruse to allow Sooga a clear shot to assassinate Zelda with them too far away to help after taking down a Hinox slumbering nearby.

Luckily, Link arrives to protect Zelda, and unable to kill her thanks to Link, Sooga calls a retreat. Mipha joins everyone as they head for the Korok Forest to find the Master Sword shortly after Revali clears out the surrounding enemies with Divine Beast Vah Medoh, helping out the giant Korok Hestu with getting him past the monsters now infesting the forest, but are unable to aid Link and Zelda as they are attacked by Astor using Malice-born clones of Mipha and the other Champions, known as Hollows, with the Mipha Hollow managing to grapple Link's sword in the prongs of her trident before snapping it in two, disarming him of his standard-issued Hyrulean Army weapon. Before they can strike down Zelda on Astor's command, the Master Sword responds to Zelda being in danger and Link's will to protect her and dispels them with its light, before Link pulls the Blade of Evil's Bane from its pedestal and claims it, forcing Astor into retreat after a vicious fight in which the Hollows are summoned several times to defend Astor before he is forced to retreat as the Master Sword is too powerful for him to face at this point.

After meeting with the Great Deku Tree and learning they have all they need to protect Hyrule from the Great Calamity, the group returns home to Castle Town, but are waylaid on the way back by more of Ganon's monsters. Once back in Castle Town, Mipha is officially given her Champion of Hyrule attire, replacing the sash, chains, and head jewelry she wore as Zora Crown Princess with her Champion's sash, but asks to do some more training with Daruk to better prepare her for the Great Calamity and mentions that she also wanted to be stronger and looks in Link’s direction and verbally slows down when she adds that it was she could fight alongside Link, but the latter overheard this and begins to approach her as though he wanted to know where she’s getting at, and Mipha panicked and tries to deny what she was going to say. After that, she returns to Zora's Domain to prepare for the inevitable as King Rhoam has Castle Town and the surrounding communities evacuated of civilians and troops to prevent them becoming casualties of the Great Calamity after learning that Ganon will return on Zelda's 17th birthday. The evacuated troops are transferred to reinforce the garrisons at Akkala Citadel and Fort Hateno, knowing if they fall, Hyrule is doomed.

The Calamity is here?
~ Mipha realizes the war has begun sooner than expected
NO! I will not allow you to take her again!
~ Sidon arriving to save his sister

Soon, Calamity Ganon arrives as planned, starting with the Yiga Clan infiltrating Robbie and Purah's lab and taking them and their staff hostage as they were analyzing Terrako and the Sheikah Slate, having disguised themselves as Sheikah before springing their ambush. Luckily, Purah gives the slate to Terrako, and he flees to give it to Zelda, Impa, and Link. As he does, Calamity Ganon's seal finally ruptures and he engulfs Hyrule Castle. Mipha sees it from the Sheikah tower in Zora's Domain and realizes the Great Calamity has come, a little sooner than expected, before the tower is shut down, cutting her off from the other Champions, leaving her to fend for herself. King Rhoam and his Royal Knights are forced to stay behind and be presumably killed by the corrupted Guardian Stalkers as Link and Impa grab Zelda and flee for their lives. Meanwhile, Mipha is attacked inside Vah Ruta by Waterblight Ganon.

She does her best to defend herself against the more powerful Blight Ganon, but soon finds herself outmatched, and realizes she may not survive, preparing to face her death with dignity as Waterblight Ganon moves in for the kill with its flail and Cryonis constructs. Before she is slain like in the original timeline, Terrako, through Zelda's guilt and grief, is able to summon the older Sidon from 100 years in the future in Breath of the Wild to arrive just in time to save his sister from Waterblight Ganon, swearing that he will not lose his sister to the Shard of Calamity Ganon again. With his arrival, he is able to buy enough time until Link arrives to destroy Waterblight Ganon for good, keeping Vah Ruta under Mipha's control and saving her life in the process. However, with Mipha weakened from her battle with Waterblight Ganon, Sidon takes it upon himself to clear the way to Vah Rudania, taking out the Igneo Talus preventing Mipha from using Vah Ruta to clear the way to rescue Daruk and Yunobo from Fireblight Ganon.

Here we go!
~ Mipha and Sidon defend Akkala Citadel with Vah Ruta

With Mipha and Sidon piloting Vah Ruta together, and joined by the other Champions and their future counterparts in the other Divine Beasts, Mipha and Sidon take Vah Ruta to defend Akkala Citadel from the army of corrupted Guardians and monsters laying siege to the fortress. They arrive just as the Hyrulean Army forces garrisoned there, among them including Robbie after he fled from the Yiga that ambushed him at the academy, are struggling to hold the line as Lizalfos climb the battlements and Moblins bang on the gate, trying to breach and get inside. Mipha and Sidon fight their way to the Citadel, and offer fire support with Vah Ruta for Link, Zelda, Impa, and Terrako as they head in to assist the troops and Robbie, with Mipha later joining them to treat the wounded. Before joining the fight, Mipha voices how proud she is of Sidon with how he's grown and trained himself as a Zora fighter, but while Sidon appreciates the remarks, he momentarily looks away and bows his head, remembering that the Mipha from the Breath of the Wild timeline, his Mipha, died during the Great Calamity, so hearing such inspiring words from a Mipha of an alternate timeline only reminded him of not having his sister with him back in his timeline, which pained him greatly. Daruk and Yunobo soon join in with Vah Rudania to reinforce the defenses and buy time to have the bridge serving as the only access to the Citadel destroyed by cannon fire, stopping Ganon's forces from assaulting the Citadel further and ensuring the Citadel remains standing. After that, they then join with protecting Fort Hateno as well. After that, they come to Urbosa and Riju's aid with helping clear Hyrule Field of enemy forces alongside the other two Divine Beasts to clear the way to Hyrule Castle. With both the Citadel and Fort Hateno safe from further attack thanks to the Divine Beasts, along with Purah having developed a failsafe that destroys most of the corrupted Guardian automatons, thus costing Calamity Ganon a huge chunk of his army as the Guardians were what razed Hyrule to the ground in the Breath of the Wild timeline, and Zelda having awoken her dormant power granted to her by the Triforce and Hylia, Zelda rallies the surviving Hyruelan Soldiers as their Commander-in-Chief, restoring their morale and launching a successful defense of the Great Plateau, supported by a reformed Master Kohga and his Yiga Clan, where Zelda finds that King Rhoam and his Royal Knights are still alive, thanks to the Sheikah device she gave him earlier, which projected an Ancient Guardian Shield, blocking the corrupted Guardians' lasers and stunning them long enough for the King and his men to withdraw to the Great Plateau before the automatons recovered.

With Purah getting the Sheikah towers back online and supercharging their teleportation ability, she is able to unite the Gerudo, Rito, Zora, Gorons, and Yiga Clan Sheikah as a unified Hyrule allied coalition, and under Zelda's leadership with a still-living King Rhoam and his Hyrulean Soldiers joining their cause, they launch the full-scale assault to take back Hyrule Castle from Calamity Ganon. After defeating his Harbinger in that timeline's Terrako that had been corrupted by Calamity Ganon's Malice when it followed the future Terrako back in time, Calamity Ganon uses Astor as his conduit to assume a physical, and more human-like, form to fight the Champions, Zelda, and Link with. In the end, Terrako sacrifices himself to weaken Calamity Ganon enough for Link to deliver the finishing blow with the Master Sword and allow Zelda to seal Calamity Ganon away once and for all. With Calamity Ganon gone, Sidon and the other future Champions are returned to their time period by the residual energy from the ancient screw left from Terrako's sacrifice, and with herself and the other Champions still alive, Mipha and the others are happy to see their future looking bright, especially after they are able to rebuild Terrako and reunite him with Zelda once more.

In the Guardian of Remembrance DLC, Mipha and the older Sidon are with some Zora soldiers that had been defending Gopanga Village near Zora's Domain from Calamity Ganon's monsters. During a lull in the fighting, while the older Sidon is giving out orders to the troops still combat-effective, Mipha is in the middle of healing one badly wounded Zora soldier, who thanks her for her medical aid, before seeing the older Sidon and the healthy troops fighting more Moblins that had showed up to attack, before an Electric Moblin appears to attack her. Luckily for Mipha, her Sidon, the younger one from the Age of Calamity timeline, appears and charges the Electric Moblin. Though he trips and falls, he quickly recovers and aims his spear at the Electric Moblin, refusing to let it harm his big sister. As Mipha pleads for her little brother to turn around and flee before he is hurt or killed, the older Sidon quickly rushes in and strikes down the Electric Moblin before it can harm his younger self. Afterwards, as he checks to see if his younger self is alright, Mipha is relieved that both of them are fine. The older Sidon is impressed with his younger self's bravery and courage, and tells him that if he trains hard and grows stronger, he'll be able to protect his big sister, though he momentarily trails off as he's reminded of being unable to protect his Mipha in the Breath of the Wild timeline from being slain by Waterblight Ganon in Vah Ruta. Nevertheless, his words encourage his younger self, and as both Sidon flash their trademark toothy grin, Mipha can only laugh in amusement.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mipha appears as an advanced-ranked support spirit who increases the user's critical-health stats. His spirit battle is a stamina battle against Inkling who heals over time on the battlefield form of the Great Bay stage.

Powers and Abilities

Mipha has the unique power to heal others, an ability that no other Zora has. In fact her ability Mipha's Grace - a power that's bestowed to Link after freeing her, which can revitalize his hearts whenever they are depleted (not only restore Link to full health, but gives him four to five extra hearts).

Other than healing, Mipha is a prodigy in spearmanship and is said that her skills are to be in a class of her own, Mipha owns a trident that is referred to as the: Lightscale Trident.


  • Mipha is the only Champion who speaks when her ability Mipha's Grace is utilized, saying "It is my pleasure", while the other Champions grunt when their abilities are used.
    • In addition, it's the only ability which is utilized only once before requiring a recharge, as the other Champions' abilities are used three times before a cooldown. Furthermore, there is no button to activate Mipha's Grace; instead, it is automatically activated when Link loses all of his hearts, while the other three are manually activated with the press and hold of a button on the controller.
    • Mipha's Grace has the longest cooldown time as it requires 24 minutes before it can be used again. If the "Mipha's Song Sidequest" part of the EX The Champions' Ballad is completed, the cooldown period is shortened to 8 minutes.
  • The EX The Champions' Ballad reveals that Mipha told her brother "I believe in you." after giving him a ride up the waterfall, and before asking if he wants to go one more time. Prince Sidon often encourages Link with this line 100 years later.

External Links

  • Mipha on the Pure Good Wiki.


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