Mira Fermin is the deuteragonist of Bakugan: New Vestroia and is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance. Mira's Guardian Bakugan is Magma Wilda. She is a 16 year old Vestal. Her father was Clay Fermin, a scientist until he perished in an explosion alongside Hydron and Zenoheld, and her brother is Spectra Phantom (also known as Keith Fermin). When she first played Bakugan, she thought of them as just unintelligent creatures. That was until she witnessed  Alpha Hydranoid, while being tortured, speak out in vengeance. It was then that she realized that Bakugan were alive, so she started the Resistance with Baron and Ace.


Mira is a 16-year-old teenage girl who has short orange hair, wears a small silver jacket, white gloves, blue earrings, has sapphire blue eyes, and wears a rouge jumpsuit with uneven sized boots and leggings. She sometimes wears a yellow helmet with her matching motorcycle, and a locket with a picture of her brother inside.

In Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, Mira wears a white track jacket with blue stripes over a blue dress, as well as a black collar. Her hair is in its original style.


Mira is described as a stubborn tomboy, much like Runo Misaki. Mira has shown that she could act girly, when she fooled some guards by acting like a crazed fan girl while she, Baron LeltoyDan Kuso, and Marucho Marukura were looking for the Dimension Controller in Alpha City. She could also be flirty when she wanted to be as shown the day she saw Alpha Hydranoid being tortured when she flirted with the guards at her father's lab.

She will do anything to get her brother back, even if it means going off on her own and getting in danger. It is because of her desire to find her brother that she gets into fights with Ace a lot, like Dan and Runo do. Mira is the one who gave Percival to Ace Grit, which is how Ace joined the Resistance.

Mira, being the only female leader, always tries to get the team moving. She's the one who pushes Baron to battle strong and also attempts to get things straightened out.



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