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Miriel is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates


A grandiloquent but fastidious Shepherd who waxes wroth if so much as a single arrow sits askew in its quiver. She adores research and obsesses over her object of study.


Miriel is a perfectionist who cannot stand having even a single book out of place in the Shepherd's garrison. She is especially strict when berating anyone who behaves irrationally. An embodiment of efficiency, Miriel keeps track of everything in the army, making sure everything is up to code. In fact, she is efficient enough to keep her own possessions in order, even though she has the most possessions out of everyone in the army. More so, Miriel is an intellectual individual with a vast array of eloquent vocabulary which leaves most of the Shepherds, more often than not, confused or sometimes even annoyed. Miriel tends to be interested only in the theoretical and discovery of the inner workings of the world. If something interests her, she will stop at nothing until she knows all of it.

While Miriel is very intelligent, she doesn't have much common sense. She tends to get so engrossed in her research that she becomes unaware of her surroundings.

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