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Heroine Overview

Announcer: Number five! This bunny's fighting spirit is infectious, Rabbit Hero: Mirko!!
Mirko: I heard you formed a team, talk about weak.
~ Mirko insulting Edgeshot during the hero billboards.
If anyone is out there scheming right now, you best be prepared for me to send you flying!
~ Mirko's declaration during the hero billboards.
Hawks: Come on guys, who wants to hear this kind of canned crap, Stain maybe?.......
Mirko: I like this guy, he's fun.
~ Mirko commenting on Hawks's bravado.

Rumi Usagiyama, professionally known as the Rabbit Hero: Mirko or simply Mirko, is a supporting character in the 2014 Japanese superhero manga series My Hero Academia and its 2016 anime television series adaptation of the same name. She also appears as a recurring character in the 2016 spin-off prequel manga series My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.

She was the number five hero operating in the nation of Japan and the top female one. Her quirk, Rabbit, gave her the attributes of a rabbit including incredible leg strength and superhuman hearing. She was always eager to deliver punishment on evil-doers and was willing to sacrifice her own life for the betterment of society.

Mirko is voiced by Anairis Quiñones in the English version of the anime. Quiñones has also voiced Echidna in Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, Miyuki Shiba in The Irregular at Magic High School, Majestia in Miraculous New York, Yelena in Attack on Titan and Harriet Bree in RWBY.


As a fully grown woman, Rumi Usagiyama stood at five feet and two inches tall. Her red eyes were tilted slightly inwards and her long white hair flowed freely down her back to her waistline. She had an athletic body with muscular arms and legs and a shapely figure. Her white eyelashes were particularly long and her skin was tanned. As her quirk was a mutant type, it affected her physical appearance by bestowing her with a pair of long white rabbit-like ears pointing upwards with a slight crook and a short white fluffy tail similar to a rabbit's. Her white hair, ears, and tail coupled with her red eyes gave her a resemblance to an albino rabbit.

Her hero costume consisted of a slim-fitting sleeveless white leotard with dark-purple trimmings around the shoulders and waist, a pair of thick metal plates on her midriff, and a yellow crescent moon-like symbol over her chest. Additionally, Mirko wore dark-purple thigh-high boots with metal plating around the heel and toe areas that made her feet look like those of a rabbit and presumably reinforced her kicks. Lastly, she adorned a pair of thick white gloves on her hands with long cuffs which sported small triangular protrusions around their edges.


Rumi Usagiyama placed a lot of stock in physical power and combat. Nothing thrilled her more than a bare-knuckled fight between herself and skilled opponents where each person was trying their hardest to defeat their opponent. She showed respect and appreciation to those with similar beliefs such as the cage fighter Kendo Rappa. Personal strength was just as important to Mirko as a willingness to fight, as she would occasionally show disdain to those who fought in teams rather than by themselves as relying on the strength of others was a sign of weakness in her eyes.

Mirko was something of a social non-conformist who spoke her mind regardless of the situation and seemingly didn't care about the consequences. She also appreciated people who did the same, as she expressed admiration when Hawks controversially spoke his mind during the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart. She was a newer type of hero who travelled across the country rather than having a base-of-operations, further demonstrating her free spirit. In her early teenage years, her attitude tended to get her into trouble, as she would mostly follow her whims regardless of whether it got her into danger or not. That being said, by the time she was in high school, she had mentally matured slightly, as she would at least try to hide her identity when following her desires into dangerous situations.

While in hero school, Usagiyama seemed to believe that all a person needed to be a hero was power. Despite this rather crude mindset, Mirko was seriously dedicated to her hero work. Although she seemed fairly inconsiderate of others, Rumi would make sure to protect people, even at the cost of her own wellbeing. Her dedication to justice was so fierce that she honestly didn't mind if her hero work was to one day take her life. She was also willing to throw away her pride and work with others during times or crisis as she recognised that helping people was more important than her own personal feelings.

Powers & Abilities


  • Rabbit Physiology: Mirko's quirk, aptly called "Rabbit," gave her superpowers thematically reminiscent of a rabbit's abilities in the same way that Tsuyu Asui's quirk "Frog" gave her frog-like abilities. The quirk was a mutant-type, meaning its very existence changed its user's physical appearance. In Rumi's case, her quirk made it so she had a rabbit-like anatomy consisting of red eyes, white hair, a white rabbit tail, and long white rabbit ears.
    • Superhuman Leg Strength: Similarly to a rabbit, Mirko's legs were incredibly powerful and durable. Using them she could leap far distances and land with no impact strain. The force of her legs propelled her forward so quickly that even High-End Nomus struggled to register her movements properly. Additionally, if she jumped hard enough her landing would produce enough power to shatter the earth beneath her feet and create a shockwave strong enough to blow back the flames of the villain Dabi. Her kicks were also powerful enough to completely obliterate huge/thick metal doors and eviscerate the superhumanly durable Nomus.
    • Superhuman Senses: Due to her quirk, Mirko naturally possessed the enhanced senses exhibited by rabbits. Her sense of hearing was far superior to an average person's, allowing her to register minute sounds from far away. Her sense of smell was equally impressive, as it granted her the power to smell the blood and sweat of a fight from a fair distance away. Her survival instincts were akin to an animal's to the point that she could tell how dangerous an opponent was just by looking at them. When she first saw Tomura Shigaraki in stasis, Mirko instantly knew thanks to her rabbit instincts that the world would be in danger if he was allowed to awaken.


  • Super Moves: A Super Move was a special technique performed by a hero or villain that allowed them to turn the tide of battle in a single move. Usually, this was done by the user focusing all of their effort into a singular attack, whether it be an application of their quirk, fighting style, or both. Although there were exceptions, Super Moves were usually unique to the heroes or villains that invented them. All of Mirko's known Super Moves focused on making particular strong combative assaults that were meant to decimate her opponents. Thus far, she has demonstrated the use of four Super Moves, each of which acted as an application of both her quirk and combative skills. Additionally, each of her known moves were thematically named after the moon.
    • Luna Arc: The technique referred to as "Luna Arc" was a fairly simplistic Super Move. Placing all of her might behind one leg, Mirko would deliver a tremendously powerful front-facing axe kick onto her opponent. Mirko first demonstrated "Luna Arc" when she tried to destroy (but to no avail) the life-support tank that Tomura Shigaraki was contained within.
    • Luna Fall: "Luna Fall" was a technique Mirko used with her powerful legs. Striking from above, the Rabbit Hero would raise her leg above her head and arc it down towards her victim. The pure force of the strike would drive her helpless opponent into the solid ground beneath their feet. Mirko was first seen unleashing this technique on a High-End Nomu, driving it into the ground and partially crushing its head.
    • Luna Ring: With "Luna Ring," Mirko would use her incredible leg strength to perform a swift cartwheel. As she cartwheeled, Mirko would land kicks on any opponent that was unfortunate enough to stand in the way of her legs. Mirko was first seen using this technique to partially destroy the heads of two High-End Nomu during the attack on Dr. Kyudai Garaki's secret laboratory.
    • Luna Tijeras: The "Luna Tijeras" technique was rather different to the other three known Super Moves in Mirko's arsenal. The Rabbit Hero would mount her opponent and grip their head tightly with her legs. Then, with all of her might, she would lean backwards and apply pressure with her superhumanly strong legs until her victim's head severed. Mirko was seen using "Luna Tijeras" on a High-End Nomu in Garaki's lab. Due to the obviously lethal nature of the technique, it is unknown whether or not she ever used it on regular people.


  • Mirko's surname contained the kanji for "rabbit" ("usagi") and "mountain" ("yama"). Her given name "Rumi" was written in katakana syllabary rather than kanji syllabary, therefore having no meaning in the latter. Obviously, the kanji contained in her surname was a deliberate reference to the nature of her quirk, physical appearance, and hero identity.
  • Rumi Usagiyama's hero name was inspired by the former professional fighter Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović.
  • Mirko enjoyed eating carrots, a food stereotypically consumed by rabbits.
  • In the sixth character popularity poll voted on by readers in Japan, Mirko placed twentieth, ranking just above Tsuyu Asui and just below Mirio Togata.
  • In a scene exclusive to episode 82 of the anime adaptation, Mirko appeared as a silhouette behind All Might in a video made by the obscure villain Gentle Criminal.

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