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Miss Colleen Hannigan is the (former) secondary antagonist of the 2014 film adaptation of Annie. She is the love interest of a cashier named Lou, but she does not have a crush on him and rejects anything of his. Unlike in any other version, Miss Hannigan is a foster mother.

When Miss Hannigan wakes up the girls and squirts them, she demands they clean up the foster home like their lives depend on it, and make sure that it includes the bathroom, but not to touch her medicine cabinet... oh, and no singing or dancing. When they come, she tells the girls to look well-cared-for (though she tells Annie to pray) by doing something, like reading or putting a puzzle of a kitty-cat together.

Eventually, Guy did a fake DNA test to make it look like a particular couple really is Annie's parents, then betrays Miss Hannigan by cutting her out of the deal. At that, she quits on him and reforms, especially when Lou points out there is a gold-hearted woman inside her.

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