Miss Myrtle is the main goddess in WOY Universe.


Miss Myrtle is the eternal turtle, keeper of the cosmos, and weaver of the Yonder Galaxy. She's a giant anthropomorphic alien turtle with five eyes who, in addition to curing diseases, also serves as a planet (something similar to Buster).


After Wander wakes up deathly ill, Sylvia takes on the tasks that Wander does before she wakes up–and they are many. Setting Hater’s snooze alarms, teaching the Black Cube how to play the banjo, feed Emperor Awesome’s giant cats–just to name a few.

Still, she toughs it up and goes through the ringer to help Wander out, not because she wants to, but because she’s doing it for her friend, all while trying desperately to keep Wander in bed. That latter point is more significant mainly because Wander’s need to help at the expense of his own health and well-being causes more problems than not (his completely blanking on whether he put a cactus in Dominator’s bathroom puts them both in needless danger).

Wander has to learn from Miss Myrtle the importance of helping yourself before helping others. Wander’s tunnel-vision focus on altruistic actions above his well-being needed to be addressed, and it tells Wander to make sure that you yourself is okay before assisting anyone else. It never hurts to help yourself.

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