Kissy kissy!
~ Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is one of the main characters in The Muppets franchise. She is in love with Kermit, which is often one-sided, though he seems to reciprocate in the movies. Piggy sees herself as a star, and wants to be respected as such. She is also incredibly skilled in martial arts, so much that almost no one ever has the upper hand on her. A running gag has her send others fly away because of her very short temper. Despite being a girl, she is voiced by Frank Oz throughout most of her appearances until his retirement, and he is replaced by Eric Jacobson. Of course, in the animated series "Muppet Babies", she is voiced by Laurie O'Brien.


Miss Piggy is overbearing, vivacious, funny, bossy, glamorous, sassy, stubborn, aggressive, spoiled, feisty, vain, short-tempered, influential, demanding, rude, mean, selfish (sometimes), impatient, immature, insecure, vulnerable, excitable, envious, shallow, weird-hating, strict, and unapologetic.


Slender yet robust fair pig, blonde hair, blue eyes, lavender eyelids, black eyelashes, strapless dress, high heels, long opera gloves, white pearl necklace, matching ring on her left ring finger


  • sometimes she can be a minor antagonist and anti-hero on tv or specials



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