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We need a plan to get us out of here.
~ Missy

Missy Moreno is the titular main protagonist of the Netflix movie We Can Be Heroes. She is the whip-smart pre-teen daughter of Marcus Moreno. After her father was kidnapped during an alien invasion, she and the other children of Heroics team up together to rescue their parents.

She is portrayed by YaYa Gosselin.


She has long brown, wavy brown hair. Throughout the movie, she wears a black shirt with a design of a little skeleton with a speech bubble of a heart, stating "leave me alone". Missy wears a necklace, along with a communication bracelet that helps talk to her dad.


Missy is an intelligent and well-spoken girl. She is shown to have great leadership and can make a room listen to her words.

Misceallaneous Information

Species: Human

Height: 142 cm (4'8")

Hair: Dark brown, curly

Eyes: Brown

Age: 11



Missy is the only daughter of Marcus Moreno, who is the leader of the superhero team The Heroics. After her mother's death, Missy made her father promise not to fight with the Heroics any longer. He agreed to stay out of harm's way so she wouldn't lose him either. Missy isn't like her father and possesses no superhero abilities, so she was able to attend a normal school with the rest of the kids her age. She didn't have many friends and preferred to stay by herself.

We Can Be Heroes

Missy awakens to the sound of her alarm clock and leaps out of bed, choosing to wear her "leave me alone" outfit. She joins her father for breakfast and notices his absent-mindedness instantly. She realizes it's due to the news, which is playing a piece on Miracle Guy falling from the sky earlier that day. Marcus brushes it off as being a training drill, probably, sparking her to remind him of his promise not to fight alongside them anymore. Her day at school is cut short when two agents from Heroics headquarters arrive. They escort her to Heroics Headquarters, where she meets the director of the team, Ms. Granada. She places Missy in a classroom with other children of superheroes, instructing them to complete their schoolwork.

The moment Ms. Granada is out of the room, the students begin using their powers and talking amongst themselves. Wheels approaches Missy and introduces himself, then the rest of the students. Wheels introduces himself as the son of Miracle Guy, causing a curious Noodles to introduce himself. Wheels introduces her to Ojo, a brilliant drawer whose pictures seem to never make sense. She then meets A Capella Vox, Blinding Fast's son Slo-Mo who is trapped in a time warp, Facemaker whose powers are reflected in his name, the twins Rewind and Fast Forward, the self-proclaimed leader Wild Card, and finally, the youngest of them all, Guppy. Missy is embarrassed when everyone asks about her power as she doesn't have one. She deflects to the television where they all watch in horror as The Heroics fall to the alien invaders. She shares an emotional conversation with her father via their connected bracelets, moments before he jumps into a swarm of aliens to lead by example.

Missy is horrified by the events and realizes that Ojo has drawn something new - an alien crawling through the corner vent. She explains to the group that Ojo is drawing the future, explaining how each of her drawings have come true. They have to escape the headquarters before the aliens invade. After debating the matter with Wild Card, they agree to work together to outsmart the guard and escape. Missy is a natural at commanding the group to use their powers in the correct formations so they can escape. Once Guppy overtakes the guards and Noodles stretches himself taller, the group escapes until Missy runs into Ms. Granada. They use A Capella's powers to immobilize the guards and escape to a bus, which A Capella uses her low singing voice to fly. They run into trouble when A Capella's air supply is running low, prompting Wild Card to remind Missy that this was a terrible idea. Missy instructs A Capella to land the bus nearby as she knows somewhere safe they can hide. She ultimately takes them to see Grandma Moreno, the former trainer of The Heroics and Missy's Grandmother.

Under Grandma Moreno's guidance, the team is given a crash course in fight training so they can save their parents from the aliens. While everyone picks up the training with ease, Missy becomes overwhelmed with her job of directing the children and mixes up the kids names. She doesn't believe she has what it takes to save their parents as she doesn't have a power. Grandma admits that the strongest person she ever knew was Missy's mother - who was powerless.

Powers and Abilities

Missy possesses no known superhero powers or qualities. She does show excellent leadership skills and is great at directing her team of Heroics. She is also shown to be smart and quick-thinking.


Wild Card

Missy seems to be especially close with Wild Card after the events of the alien invasion. At first, Wild Card seems to take a disliking to Missy, thinking that she is trying to take over his leadership. However, he realizes that her intellect and ability to see things that he doesn't makes her the right leader for the team. He resigns leadership to her and follows her lead in battle. Only when Missy believed him was Wild Card able to control his powers by believing in himself.


Missy and Wheels have a close friendship as he first talks to her and introduces her to the team. He follows closely with her plans and even helps her execute them.


As both of them being the daughters of major heroes, they understand one another in a sisterly way. Missy acts as the bigger sister, and is always wowed y Guppy's small but powerful attacks.

A Capella

A Capella and Missy aren't very similar, but they get along well, and often help one another out when needed.


  • Missy is the only member of The Heroics to not have a superpower.
    • Missy's lack of a superpower was intentional from the start. The director “wanted to make the main character who makes the biggest difference the one who didn't have powers. Having her be able to inspire greatness out of others and have them use their talents better was a message I wanted to send about the importance of everybody. No matter where you're from, you can make a difference.
  • At first, Missy was sneered at by Wild Card, but later all of the other members of the Heroics recognize her as Leader.

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