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Mithra (ミスラ, Misura) is the daughter of Asura and Durga, as well as the niece of Yasha.


Mithra is a beautiful young girl with long black hair. She wears her hair in a braided style with a headress, and long light blue dress. Her attire is similar to that of a priestess. In her casual dress she wears a robe-like clothing.


She is a kind and gentle girl and is happy when Asura returned from battle. She loves her father and mother and was greatly distraught when her mother was killed. Despite the fact that she was used by beings like Deus or Chakravartin, she was more than willing to endure it, if Asura could live.

Powers and Abilities

Being the natural-born daughter of a Demi-god, Mithra possesses eternal youth and can survive in space without air. Her most unique ability is that she can manipulate Mantra, the ultimate source of power and life energy in the universe. Mithra enhanced her father's powers so that he could defeat the Gohma. However, her powers were the reason why she was kidnapped, and as a result she was forced to enhance the powers of Deus and the other demigods to god-like levels.

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