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Someday, we shall gaze upon a land free from the ravages of war.
~ Mitsuhide Akechi.
Feel the blade of the righteous!
~ Mitsuhide's victory quote.
We shall hope to see the end of war!
~ Mitsuhide's famous quote.

Mitsuhide Akechi is a major character in the Samurai Warriors video game series. He is one of Nobunaga's trusted vassals who is best known for betraying his lord at Honnōji. He is also a father of Gracia Hosokawa. He served as an antagonist/anti-hero in Samurai Warriors, Samurai Warriors 2, Samurai Warriors 3, and Samurai Warriors 4, a supporting character in Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada, and the deuteragonist in Samurai Warriors 5.

He was voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.


Samurai Warriors

Mitsuhide is an ancient general eager to see the quiet land. He is a mentor to Ranmaru and one of the vassals of the Saitō family. Losing confidence in their current owner, he and his students hope to join Nobunaga at Inabayama Castle. By demonstrating their worth through battle, they were agreed to joined the Oda forces and entered the front line of Ise-Nagashima. However, without the sheer brutality of Honganji Rioters, Mitsuhide was already destroyed by Nobunaga's strategy. A few years later, he betrayed Nobunaga at Honnōji, believing his actions could correct the grief caused by his master. Knowing that his students will be loyal to Nobunaga, he tries to avoid fighting Ranmaru when necessary.

Mitsuhide fights Nobunaga in Honnoji.

If the letterhead escapes his control, Mitsuhide will need to retreat to rebuild his troops. The original master of the Castle quickly took the Azuchi Castle. Mitsuhide refused to invade and thought that he was the only one who could end the Nobunaga and therefore pursue the evacuation of the Oda Army in Yamazaki. If Ranmaru survived the previous encounter, Mitsuhide could choose to convince the young to believe him. Otherwise, Mitsuhide shot down Nobunaga because he heard the student's request was stopped, but it disappointed him. Claiming the power of the Nobunaga is his own strength, he laments that he must do this for the lost life of his campaign. When Mitsuhide kills Nobunaga in the temple, he vows to create a new land for the people.

For a start, Ranmaru was spared the mercy of his mentor and angrily swore to avenge Nobunaga's death. Soon after, Hideyoshi and other Oda remnants faced him. In order to build the new world he wants, he regretfully even killed the peasant named after the letter of the letter. To eradicate his main army, Mitsuhide has almost become the ruler of this land. At this point, Ranmaru suddenly rose in Mino and stole the castle - this place began with him. Wanting to explain to his students, Mitsuhide rushed to the castle to try to reason with the young. However, the young man could not forgive Mitsuhide's complete betrayal and began a duel that ended his life. Although a gloomy Mitsuhide is ready to joined him, he realizes that his actions will deceive his life. After putting down the sword, he realized what it really means to believe in others.

Samurai Warriors 2

Mitsuhide just needs to be admired for himself and serving as a savvy rōnin, which will affect Nobunaga's victory in Okehazama. In addition, Mitsuhide later joined his unpaid front as a faithful and caring official, as now he officially retired with the assistance of Kanegasaki. Actually, Mitsuhide prefers to be the orderly choice to find his lord, also shows that it is considered skeptical and requires an explanation.

Samurai Warriors 3

Mitsuhide was usually a scattering rōnin and the best in life for his family, always looking for the inspiration of the Oda army to build a teams and then will soon become a dependent family vassal.

Samurai Warriors 4

During the battle of Okehazama, Mitsuhide and Hisahide saw Nobunaga arguing with his troops, but he recognized Nobunaga as an invincible man on the consociate lands and Hisahide is about to prove that he was to be a sinister. By this time, Yoshimoto is already slain, Mitsuhide has the right to formed a alliance with Nobunaga and rest assured that Hisahide's responsibility. Mitsuhide recognized his issue and saw Hisahide with his own eyes, Nobunaga shall go back to the capital and Mitsuhide definitely helped Motochika to do his routine in Shikoku, the two men eventually seized Koshōshō together.

Upon Hisahide's plans of defecting from the Oda, Mitsuhide returning to help conquering of Kii Province and wants to compromise with his friends in his discrimination, which eventually to be failed. He was angered by Hisahide's wicked behavior just happened to hitch out the attacks under Nobunaga's governorship. When the Demon King forced Hideyoshi to executed Magoichi but much to have rejected, Hisahide then committing suicide with the puts bomb into teapot.

After the death of Hisahide, Mitsuhide is time to preparation his coup by attacked Nobunaga at Honnōji. During the seriously dueling, he still upset to murder his lord even though that he hope to released the territory from Nobunaga's villainy. By shout him in a last time, Mitsuhide become tragically with the most upon Nobunaga is gone. He later killed by Hideyoshi at Yamazaki but wished to lived in a heaven and that reuniting with his lord.

Samurai Warriors 5

Mitsuhide serving in Dosan's ranks together with his retainer, Toshimitsu Saitō, when they joined up the opposition to Nobunaga during his invaded to Mino. Upon their impressed by the lord's resourcefulness and courage, Mitsuhide and Toshimitsu would tells Nobunaga to responsed an actions, by the way, they making him arranged for marriage with Nō. How about for this, which much so that Yoshitatsu Saitō managing to assassination in order to flows with his plans. Mitsuhide give up his troubles and will protect the couple, helps them to fleeing and keep be safe for good.

Dōsan guided Nō to killing her husband after his fail the battle in Muraki, Nobunaga must abandon the setback, in which he still honors with his alliance. He makes to worthy of Mino, as Dōsan appointed him as heir. By that result, Yoshitatsu breaking from the way, while he sets up a rebellion. Nobunaga's reinforcements arrives in Nagaragawa, Yoshitatsu facing Dōsan, and finished up to slaying him, which caused Hanbei to flawing on. Thanks to the help of Nobunaga, Mitsuhide eventually to escape and the enemies were killed off sooner, but the two promised were encountered each other in future.

Returning back to his clan's castle and unite with his family to attacked Yoshitatsu's siege, Mitsuhide was already busy to had the struggling because of Yoshitatsu getting around with his strategy to setting fire into the Akechi castle. Despite the pains, his clan were be massacre in attempting to allowing him flees, and much to disgraced, Mitsuhide only depression as he supposed to suicidal. Under Toshimitsu's requested, Mitsuhide chosen to lives in honor of his family's sacrificed and wanders of the land to becomes stronger.





  • He was based on the real-life Japanese samurai of the same name.
  • Mitsuhide's Dynasty Warriors counterpart is Zhou Yu.
  • In Sengoku Angelique, Rosalia de Catargena acts as the Mitsuhide of the cast. Her full name is "Akechi Rosalia Mitsuhide".
  • Despite being an antagonist, Mitsuhide is very much more heroic than Mitsuki.
  • He was possibly to believing in Shintoism.


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