I'll have to know that girl you're carrying is a friend of mine. And you do not want to cross Mitsuko Kongou of Tokiwadai Middle School.
~ Kongou to a group of scientists attempting to kidnap Mikoto Misaka
Kongou Fan

Mitsuko Kongou is a recurring character in the anime/manga series A Certain Scientific Railgun. She's a Level 4 Esper and a student at Tokiwadai Middle School, the same school attended by Mikoto Misaka and Kuroko Shirai. Initially introduced as an acquaintance of Kuroko (though Kuroko describes her as someone she wishes she wasn't acquainted with), Kongou normally comes off as very vain and arrogant, due to living a life of luxury. Despite this, it's obvious that she cares for Kuroko and Mikoto a lot more than she lets on, stepping in to help or save them on more than one occasion.


Mitsko is an average teenager with an attractive and well endowed figure. She often flaunts herself off to others and will show off herself in revealing swimwear when she can. One of her more notable features is her large forehead which is covered by two flanks of her hair which is both black and neatly combed. She typicall wears the standard Tokiwadai school uniform whenever she's seen. She's often seen carrying a green Japanese Fan with her a lot.


Mitsuko is a very prideful individual often boasting about her wealth and accomplishments. She tends to do this to Kuroko a lot which often puts her at odds with Kuroko as well. Due to her prideful personality however, she's often oblivious to everyday things such as directions. Deep down however, she deeply cares for Kuroko and the others' well beings but is unable to fully show off how she truely feels but as the series progresses, she agitates Kuroko less and less.


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