Mitsumasa Kido was a rich and old businessman, leader of Kido Foundation, a hi-tech company of the Japan. He have a lot of sons in the Japan, probably because of his wealth; he had 99 sons (Mei is the only non-bastard) and when he found Saori, the mother of his bastards son (Shun, Jabu and Seiya) was pregnant and Shun was born a bit of days after, and Jabu and Seiya was born some months after.


As a japanese guy, Kido was a fan of martial arts, and travel across the world (as a tourist in anime). Mitsumasa met Aiolos and baby Athena. Aiolos give his cloth and Athena to Mitsumasa cares, and tell to him, that baby is Athena, but the pope of the sanctuary try kill her, and now rule with no Athena blessing in the Sanctuary, and the saints follow his orders (the pope wants dethrones Athena). So, Mitsumasa should be made a army to helps Saori with her rebellion againts the pope; but, where will be find the members of the army? Mitsumasa, like Abraham, used his son and sacrified them to a good god (Athena), and put all they in orphanages (to don't gets love for them) to after adopt them to training to gets clothes, and after, back to the Japan, and fight in a Tournament (the Galactic Wars) to causes angry in the sanctuary (fight with no reason, is a sin) and start the civil war. How there is only 15 clothes available, he orderes Asamori to build steel clothes. And he sent girls to became saintias, and protect Saori as body-guard.

But, he die one year after the young boys dispatch, and because this, tell to Saori (how he named Athena, because he cares of she as a normal girl, and as his grand daugther) about his origins, and order to she continues his scheme. He die before the still clothes get ready, and this secret project was never related to Saori.

The justification of the Galactic War to the people's, was the interest of Mitsumasa Kido to martial arts, and became the biggest tv show of the Japan.

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