Miyabi (Senran Kagura)

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Miyabi is a anti-heroine from the Senran Kagura video game series. She is part of the branch of Hebijo along with her squad that ultimately were revealed to help to stop the Yoma.

She is voiced by Hiromi Hirata in the Japanese version, and by Morgan Berry in the English version.


Miyabi is young beautiful woman with large breast and white hair, her pupils resembles the one of a snake (matching one of her two ninja animals), Her shinobi suit is white and yellow suit with wraps in legs and fore arms, She carries a sword of six arms.


Miyabi is headstrong, boisterous and pretty working girl, She is somewhat polite but serious in her job as a shinobi, After witnessing the destruction of her school, Miyabi vow to recover what it was lost for her, In the event of Estival Versus, It was revealed that she (alongside her teammates) were manipulated by Dogen, Ultimately after Homura frees them from his brainwashing, Miyabi is now in more cordial terms with the others schools.

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