Miyabe Hosen
Miyabi Hosen is one of three main protagonists of eXceed - Gun Bullet Children and the Stage 4 boss of eXceed 2nd - Vampire and Vampire Rex. She is one of many members of the Gun Bullet Children, an organization allied with the church that protects the Holy Land from vampires and deviants that plaque the land and attack its human residents.


Miyabi's true nature is a mystery, but what is known about her is her childlike, happy-go-lucky attitude, no matter how desperate the situation appears to be. She was accepted as part of the Gun Bullet Children after being raised as an orphan by the Church. Her history before joining the church is not known, and neither is anything included within it.

She has the incendiary ability of "Incinerating Kiss", which reduces any enemy that enters into its range to piles of ashes.

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