Miyabi Hotaka is one of the main protagonists of the light novel and anime series Absolute Duo. She is a first year student at Kouryou Academy in the same class as Tooru Kokonoe and Julie Sigtuna, and the Duo partner of Tomoe Tachibana. She came from an all-girls school that results in her fear of the opposite sex, except to old men with gentle atmospheres.

She is voiced by Ayaka Imamura in the Japanese version of the anime and Ashleigh Domangue in the English version.


Miyabi has short, chestnut brown coloured hair tied up into two mini-tails, laid on her shoulders. She has golden - amber eyes and fair skin. She has a petite body and average height compared to her well-endowed adult-like chest, which is larger than that of any of her female friends.


Miyabi has a very low opinion of herself. According to her, she's never been good at anything, whether it be athletics or academics. Initially, she was very excited upon learning that she was suited for a Lucifer, believing that it was her chance to be special, but after meeting Tor, Julie and Tomoe, she realised that she's just a "normal fish in a tiny pond", and went back to believing she has nothing to offer. As such, she often feels she isn't good enough for Tomoe, who is objectively the smarter and more skilled of the two, believing she just drags her down. This is reflected by her Blaze, which manifests as a lance that is very powerful, but so heavy that she has neither the strength nor stamina to wield it efficiently.

Miyabi is generally a very kind person, enough for it to be noted by Julie. However, she is also very shy, especially around men. She dislikes her large breasts, since in her past that was all men she met focused on. Tor is the first man she's met who treats them merely part of the package known as Miyabi Hotaka and actually cares for her thoughts and feelings as a person. She also received scorn from girls, who lashed out at her due to sheer jealousy of her figure until she met Tomoe.

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