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Miyuki Ayukawa is a supporting character of the Basquash! series. She is a member of the Team Basquash and her childhood friend sweetheart, Dan JD.

She was voiced by Masumi Asano.


Miyuki is the young girl has a black skin, a black two ponytail with the curly hair it has a pink ribbons which over by her sides and she had a bandage over her left cheek in her side. She wears a white tank top with the purple, pink and light yellow jacket and light pink heart and her back side. She wears a light green long pants, a black belt, a dark green, silver and black boots. She also wears a purple glasses.


She was living with her family along with Dan moving away from the childhood. Miyuki and her grandfather, Soichi return to the first episode while she is growing up into a teenager and the skilled mechanic. Later on, she giving him to teaching it how to become the Big Foot.

Miyuki doesn't want her childhood, Dan and his teams, do Miyuki didn't reply, to giving her lots to work have to do (as couldn't paid to do). She had been show off as to keeping deep feelin from Dan basically on obliviousness. However, she creating another designs from the teams, doing her flexible and then more than before, with each created the afterimage.

Because it's was not a Basquasher, she still as a irreplaceable part of her team, compress fix and updated from their Big Foots. Miyuki has felt to Dan, but she need to talk aside before Rouge coming at the picture, and accept the teams mutual attraction.

She didn't not prepare at the Legend Tournament, because she can go by the everyone, and finished all the touching with the BigFoots. She upgrading while their busy; that the shoes who Haruka making from Dan was burning off while he moved the BigFoot on their limits. After the aftermath, Miyuki and her grandfather, Soichi return are see the mechanics to be working on the orange Big Foot.