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Miza Kusakari is an anti-hero in the anime and manga series, Tokyo Ghoul who was a former member of the Aogiri Tree organization till aligning herself with Ken Kaneki. She is a ghoul known as the Three Blades as well as the founder and leader of the Three Blades gang.

She is voiced by Yumiri Hanamori in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Brittany Lauda in the English version of the anime.



Miza was aone of the guards for Big Madam at the upcoming Auction. Miza was first seen correcting Naki on his mispronoucation of "emotionally unstable". She led her own group and helped Naki during the battle with Jun Numa and killed him. Following this, she became annoyed by Naki's childish behavior when he shouted out her name.

Naki was wounded by Akira Mado, to which Miza knew it would be a problem if Naki died and fought Akira to which Miza sustained a wound and was asked to retreat by Hinami.

Ayato pushed back the C.C.G investigators to save Naki while Hinami left to fight Takizawa. Miza took over the leadership and ordered the retreat when the S3 Squad suggested the attack on the Quinque Steel transport failed.

Miza was then seen at the Aogiri hideout where Ayato asked if she had seen Torso. Miza denied this and saw the upcoming assembly by Eto, neither of them knew what the assembly was about and joined the gathering. Ayato informed Miza that Naki was already at the meeting hall and Miza wondered why she cared so Ayato informed her that it was odd that she was on lookout duty, so he thought she would go look for him.

Rushima Landing Operation

Miza was at Rushima where ghoul investigators arrived and Miza ended up being cornered by Suzuya Sqaud, Miza retreated to a building, commending Juuzou's strength and recalling her time with Aogiri members. Hanbee Abara came and attacked one of the Blade's members and began their fight. Hanbee gained the upper hand while Miza kicked Silver Skulls quinque into the wall before assaulting him from the top. Hanee countered this by activating a remote change on his quinque, releasing six tentacles, piercing her right afterwards. Miza fell to the ground, injured from the attack.

Miza woke up and saw Naki sitting against the wall and called out to him. She then noticed a bunch of C.C.G. corpses and saw Naki slowly falling to the ground with his eyes closed and blood dripping from his mouth. Miza fell over Naki and called his name with tears in her eyes. She faced Koori Ui and his squad, however, Koori's attack was blocked by Naki's kagune, whom she believed to be dead. She told him to help her fight against the investigators, he agreed till Shuu Tsukiyama arrived along with two hooded figures. She accompanied Naki and the rest of the ghouls on their way to escape Rushima.

Miza joined Goat's assembly, and discussed Kaneki's goal for the group. During the Clown's attack on Cochlea, Miza asked for Kaneki's orders to counter their plan to put to blame on the One-Eyed King, as Kaneki ordered the White Suits to take action. Naki disagreed with the plan and Kaneki asked Miza if she elaborated their actions, to which Miza responded that Naki escaped before she had the chance to finish. Naki became furious and attacked Kaneki while Miza desperately tries to stop him, as she knew Kaneki's strength. Kaneki spared Naki and decided to keep Naki along as he doesn't want the White Suits without his leadership, much to Miza's relief.


She carried out the activities of the United Front with Naki and the others. After the battle with V, Miza married Naki and had nine children with him, six boys and three girls.


Miza has a short stature and has light purple hair that has a large section tied into a high top-knot and pieces framing from either side of her face.


Miza is very reasonable and serious. Even though she has a short temper, she tries to control it to get things done the right way and not cause friction between the other members, especially Naki. Her reasonableness is shown as she listens to what Kaneki says in his plan to bring peace to humanity and helps him proceed with his goal despite her initial plan to help make ghouls the dominate species. Miza is also obsessed with having children and she gets her wish when she marries Naki and has nine children with him.


  • Naki: Despite their hostile relationship, Miza is interested in Naki and hides it. Miza often gets annoyed by Naki's childish behavior and his foolish antics but when the Auction occurs, she saves Naki's life. At the end of the series, Miza marries Naki and has nine children with him.
  • Hinami Fueguchi: Miza respects Hinami and takes an interest in her as she talks to her respectively and treats her like her own family. This is further shown as she helps Ayato rescue Hinami from the C.C.G. before being executed.
  • Ayato Kirishima: Miza knows Ayato as they were members of Aogiri tree but don't interact much. She is fond of Ayato's decisions to disobey orders since they are necessary to save the other members and put them before himself.
  • Ken Kaneki: Miza doesn't have any hostility towards Kaneki despite his fight against Aogiri Tree (joined in the anime) and his career as a ghoul investigator (was an amnesiac). She hears him out and supports his goal to bring peace between humans and ghouls and becoming his subordinate.

Power and Abilities

  • Bikaku Kagune: Miza's kagune is a bikaku type which takes the form of three different blades that are strong enough to kill anyone it attacks and slash through flesh and bones.
  • Strength: The C.C.G. ranked her as an S rated ghoul due to her strength.


  • Her small stature was revealed to be from her coming from a small clan that suffers from Dwarfism.

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