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Lutz is the fourth and final party member to join in the first Phantasy Star game.


He is a feminine looking man, having pale skin, blue eyes, and blue hair.

He primarily dresses in blue with a white cloak.


Phantasy Star I

He first appears when the heroes encounter him in the middle of training. If he is spoken to prior to meeting the Governor of Motavia, he will scold them for interrupting.

It's when they bring the Governor's letter that he agrees to join the heroes.

Part way in the in the adventure, he fights his master Tajima for one last test.

After he and the heroes slay Reipard Lashiec, they travel to the Governor's palace where they end up fighting against Dark Falz who had possessed the Governor.

Phantasy Star II

(To be added.)

Phantasy Star IV

Around 1,000 years prior to the events, Lutz hid the Aeroprism in the Soldier's Temple and his memories inside a crystal ball prior to his death with a select Esper inheriting his memories in order to become the "current generation Lutz". Rune Walsh is the fifth generation Lutz.


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