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The SAMSARA troopers were extremely effective in an extremely hazardous operation, leveraging a high degree of individual competence and combat experience with a consistent level of personal bravery and risk tolerance impossible in normal troops. They took no unnecessary risks, and accomplished all mission objectives without unnecessarily endangering human life or the Foundation’s interests. Conventional military practice is to consider a unit destroyed after suffering 30% casualties, yet the SAMSARA troopers completed the mission with half the squad disabled. They will be combat operational again in only a few weeks with unit cohesiveness, training, and experience intact and no need to rebuild the unit with replacement soldiers.
~ Captain Sarah Hughes in "Operation AZURE PEREGRINE".
We are much alike, you and I,
I live, I die, I live again,
Our essence is information,
We are not only our copies,
We are unbound by our bodies.

I live, I die, I live again,
I live, I learn, I change, I grow,
We are not only our copies,
Are you now the same as you were?

I live, I learn, I change, I grow,
Do you hunt in words as before,
Are you now the same as you were,
Is it only the words that changed?

Do you hunt in words as before,
We are not only our copies,
Is it only the words that changed?
We are much alike, you and I.
~ Spc. Nanku in "SCP-2673 Containment Maintenance Log".

Mobile Task Force Tau-5, codenamed "Samsara", is a protagonistic faction in the SCP Foundation Mythos. It is a unique mobile task force serving the Foundation, as the task force is comprised of four cyborgs made from cloned bodies derived from the flesh of a dead god, armed with esoteric and experimental weaponry, and trained to investigate and contain thaumaturgic, and psionic threats. The task force can respond to lethal situations that would otherwise result in a loss of personnel, since their minds can be recovered in the event of their current body's destruction.

They are the main protagonists in the "Apotheosis" series set within the "Third Law" canon, but are more known for their appearance in SCP-1730. They were originally an entry for the 2016's Mobile Task Force contest which won 5th place.



Mobile Task Force Tau-5 originally started as a project of Prometheus Labs, Inc. which served to augment the human body to be more invulnerable via genetic, mechanical and magic modifications, by using the anomalous corpse of the Lord of Endowments, an ancient deity who could incorporate technology into his body and inspired the myth of Prometheus, but was forced to separate himself into the body, the spirit and the mind in order to evade his demise. Two men and two women became volunteers for the project, and so their minds were removed from their brains and uploaded into a computer so they could be downloaded into clone bodies created by the genetic materials that were derived from the corpse's liver. The Prometheus scientists kept transferring their minds into new bodies as the previous ones died in order to further improve them, but eventually a cult worshipping the Lord became aware of what Prometheus Labs were doing with his remains and attacked the facility where the project was taking place. They proceeded to kill most of the scientists and the current bodies of the four volunteers, before setting the facility's self-destruct mechanism. Although most of the facility was destroyed the computer containing the volunteers' minds and the machine that produced the clones remained operational, albeit the hard drive had become damaged resulting in the four individual's minds losing some of their humanity, memories and emotions.

In 2002, after ten years had passed, a survivor of the raid who had joined the SCP Foundation following the dissolution of Prometheus Labs decided to direct his new employers to the location of the machine. The Foundation decided to utilize the machine and the four individuals for their own benefits and formed Mobile Task Force Tau-5, naming the four individuals Irantu, Nanku, Munru and Onru. Under the service of the SCP Foundation MTF Tau-5 began helping the organization in the containment of various dangerous anomalies and they proved to be quite useful since every time they died they could be resurrected in a new body. After completing their first mission, the Foundation sent the MTF to steal SCP-2630 from Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.

On one mission MTF Tau-5 was sent to a house where the Foundation lost two squads to an anomaly which was causing any form of flesh to become cancerous while any form of technology broke down and began spreading outside the house. The MTF was equipped with a machine that would protect them from the anomaly but also caused them to be disfigured, and upon entering the house they found a mass of flesh chanting religious phrases. This mass was previously a human who worshipped the Lord and tried to summon him with the use of a book, but it failed and caused the formation of the anomaly. Seeing that the flesh couldn't be harmed by inorganic materials, the team killed Nanku by decapitating her and stuffed inside her head a grenade which was used to destroy the mass of flesh and neutralize the anomaly. However, under the influence of the Lord's mind, Munru secretly obtained the book and after returning to the base, began reading it together with the rest of the team.


On January 4th of 2016, the Foundation found SCP-2970, an ancient warrior who used to serve the Lord before betraying him, and under the influence of the Lord told them about three worshippers of the Lord who were from the Wanderer's Library, attempting to summon him in a temple complex near Marrakesh, Morocco. The MTF, alongside normal Foundation soldiers, were heavily armed with paratech weaponry and were sent by the O5 Council to capture or neutralize the anomalies and the worshippers. At two in the morning, the MTF arrived to the location by helicopters and stormed the temple. Irantu, Nanku, Munru and Onru were able to enter the temple where they engaged in direct confrontation with some members of the cult who were armed with weapons, magical spells and creatures. Despite this, they were able to sweep several floors of the temple and attempted to capture the three worshipers, but one of them got killed during another attack while another one managed to flee via an interdimensional road known as a Way.

Following the success of the operation, the Foundation then decided to restore all of SCP-2970's memories in order to gather more intel on his cult, but this caused SCP-2970 to regain his old hatred for the Lord and proceeded to breach containment and go to a former Prometheus Labs’ site that contained a computer which was inhabited by the Lord's mind. MTF Tau-5 was then equipped with technology which would make them immune to SCP-2970's power of technology nullification and were sent to go after him. They followed SCP-2970 to the abandoned Prometheus Labs Test Site त-1 where they were confronted by several cyborgs from SCP-1637 which were being controlled by the Lord. They proceeded to kill them, but under the influence of the Lord they began going to the computer containing his mind while killing more of the mindless cyborgs. Finally they went to the deepest floor of the facility where they came face-to-face with SCP-2970 and the Lord's mind who informed them that he had guided them all so they could unite and ascend into godhood together as one. The Lord promised the MTF that after joining together they would once again feel emotions and help humanity achieve apotheosis, but SCP-2970 refused to join the Lord and tried to convince the MTF to join him instead so they could take down the Lord and help humanity in their own way.

If the MTF chose to join the Lord, then he would proceed to use the book which had been obtained by the MTF and steal their flesh, killing them, while getting back his spirit from SCP-2970, also killing him. After finally reforming himself, the Lord proceeded to ascend back to his godhood, while Irantu, Nanku, Munru and Onru were given eternal peace.

If the MTF chose to join SCP-2970, then he would take over their minds and bodies, and after joining with the flesh of the Lord he proceeded to devour the Lord’s mind. He then took over the machinery that produced the MTF's clone bodies and began creating a massive army of powerful cyborgs, using them to take over the entire world and becoming the only ruler of humanity.

If the MTF refused both their offers (canon), Nanku would proceed to kill SCP-2970 with her lightning blast, resulting in the destruction of the Lord's spirit. The team then explained to a furious Lord that they were humans with their own will and independent of him. The Lord in his rage tried to retaliate by taking control of the entire facility, but soon realized his own mistakes and that it was all his fault, and so he allowed the MTF to destroy the computer containing his mind. After exiting the facility and informing the Foundation that SCP-2970 was neutralized, they realized that they were humans with their own rights and that should be treated as equals and didn’t need to be slaves to the Foundation, but help them in protecting the world.


After the SCP Foundation had lost MTF D-12, MTF Y-24 and MTF Zeta-9 to SCP-1730, the Foundation's Site-13 from an apocalyptic alternate universe that contained highly dangerous anomalies, they decided to deploy MTF Tau-5 to properly contain it. When MTF Apollo-3 were ambushed by the hostile anomalies after being sent to further explore SCP-1730, MTF Tau-5 were equipped with cybernetic enhancements which included arm cannons, shock-absorbing extensions and SCRAMBLE adaptations before going to deal with the anomalies and rescue the surviving MTF members and scientists from the other universe. Upon entering the site, they decided to go to the incinerator which had been used to burn countless anomalies, but as they were descending they came across a weak wall and decided to split, with Munru and Nanku following the drainage pipe, while Irantu and Onru destroyed the wall and going through the hallway behind it. Irantu and Onru then found themselves in the control room of the incinerator, while Munru and Nanku rejoined with them since their way was blocked. After Onru activated the body pit and then the incinerator, they decide to go where the pipe drained the remains. They arrived at the cistern where they come across Leech Boy's leeches and seeing that they all connected to each other, the MTF telepathically connected with them and were able to map out Site-13 and figure out where the survivors were located. They proceeded to go the survivors' location and while going through the site's data storage center they encountered the Malidramagiuan which was punishing Elliot Emerson for his role in the creation of SCP-1730. After that they finally arrived to rescue the survivors and together with MTF Apollo-3 and Zeta-9 planned the best way to escape the facility.

They planned to go the Thresher device, which was responsible for transporting Site-13 from the alternate universe and causing the interior of the building to constantly change, and after temporarily disabling it they would take the safest way out of the facility. However, while moving through the site and killing multiple leeches they encountered a humanoid anomaly engraving various cognitohazardous symbols on wall before it was devoured by Leech Boy who broke through the floor. The group quickly tried to find an alternative way, while Munru and Nanku stayed back battling the leeches, but as the group tried to go to the room containing Thresher they came across SCP-553 which emerged from a vent, forcing Irantu to throw himself at them and set his explosives off, killing most of the crystal butterflies while Irantu became heavily damaged. They succeed in arriving at the doors of the room where Thresher was located, and after the alternate version of Bobble the Clown opened them, the group to entered the room only to find multiple creatures feeding on the electric energy. As the group discussed their next move, Leech Boy reached them, causing the creatures to attack him, but getting themselves eaten by him. Irantu took the opportunity to send Onru to disable Thresher, while leading the group to a safe place and killing some of the remaining creatures. As the room began to partially collapse, Leech Boy retreated while the group killed the remaining creatures before proceeding to escape. However, as a result of Thresher's temporary disable, their planned way of escape had been blocked forcing them to find another way. They went pass an anomaly resembling SCP-2316 and arrived at the garage where they were ambushed by the alternate version of SCP-1370. After destroying SCP-1370 they went to a larger atrium section where they reunited with Munru and Nanku who had been badly injured. As they began planning their way out of the facility, the entire floor of the atrium collapsed, revealing Leech Boy underneath them. The group tried to find a safe place away from the monster, but arrived to a dead end. Thankfully as they were being cornered by Leech Boy, the commander of MTF Zeta-9 Captain Hollis was able to find a way to evade the monster and began descending a staircase before entering the Olympia Class Testing Observation. There, as Leech Boy approached them, on the command of Hollis Onru and Munru released both the Gate Guardian and SCP-2845 who engaged in direct confrontation with the monster. As all three of them began fighting each other, the group made their way to an exit, but became caught by the chaos, with several members of the group which included Nanku and Irantu dying as a result of this. After Hollis and Onru left the group to go back to Thresher in order to buy them more time, Munru and the other members of the MTFs were able to bring the survivors outside of the facility.

Meanwhile Onru assisted Hollis in arriving to the Thresher machine, but while going there, they encountered the Malidramagiuan again which showed them the horrors such as Past and Future that began haunting the universe where SCP-1730 had come from. After this, the two women were able to reach Thresher, at which point Onru got killed by a jet, while Hollis destroyed the machine, causing the entire site to vanish. In the aftermath, all members of MTF Tau-5 were brought back to life and subsequently interviewed, with Irantu expressing great satisfaction in the mission's success while Onru explained what she and Hollis had done before Site-13 vanished.

On Halloween, the entire Tau-5 was ordered by Cpt. Hughes to participate on the party held on Site-30, wearing Power Rangers costumes much to Onru's annoyance. However, after Munru explained to the rest of the team that he remembered a memory of their mother, the entire MTF decided to further investigate their origins on their own, since they had forgotten who they were and where they had come from, while not telling anyone of the personnel due to fear of removing the memory. They formulated a plan that involved Irantu and Nanku distracting Hughes long enough for Munru and Onru to look for possible information in their cloning laboratory. After gaining some information and hiding from Corporal Willis McGinley, Munru and Onru reunited with the rest of the team and explained that the amniotic liquid used to grow their bodies was the same one used to preserve SCP-1514-1B, a human fetus used to control a nuclear deterrent system designated SCP-1514. Since SCP-1514-1B was used to control SCP-1514-2, laser satellites that were inhabited by the consciousness of its mother, the MTF suspected that SCP-1514-1B was their sibling while their mother was dead. Nanku then proposed to use some paranormal or supernatural objects to contact with the supposed spirit of their mother, but all of their attempts failed. During their attempts they found that ritual researcher Erica Kearney was planning a secret séance with her friends, and so they decided to join them in order to contact with their mother. After their first attempt at contacting their mother failed, the team decided to introduce a vial of the amniotic liquid and an anomalous electric blue powder which was used by some anartists from Three Portlands to speak with the dead. However, instead of summoning the spirit of their mother they instead summoned SCP-1514-1B's spirit who began shrieking and releasing powerful energy waves. The MTF tried to calm it down by stating that they shared one mother, but after hearing the word mother SCP-1514-1B instead became more agitated and began attacking them by projecting destructive lasers from its eyes. The team then tried to kill it, but as all their attempts were futile, Onru decided to grab a banishment grenade from outside the room they were in, while Nanku began singing to the fetus in another attempt to calm it down which seemingly worked. As Nanku sang to it, Onru threw the grenade which was able to banish the spirit away, while leaving a crater in its place. Hughes was able to hear the explosion and quickly rushed inside the room where she found the MTF along with a shocked Erica and her friends. In order to hide their true intentions, they lied to her by stating that they tried some LSD so they could have fun like the others and this was the reason why they caused such chaos. Hughes then somewhat scolded them for drug usage and after being told that Onru had been in the cloning room because she wanted to know how she looked from a normal person's perspective, Hughes assured her and the others that they were all normal in the Foundation’s perspective. After that, Munru expressed frustration on being unable to remember their past selves and being treated as an emotionless soldier, but the rest of the team reassured him that his memory and actions had changed him for the better and that was all that mattered.

After Erica told Hughes what really happened, Hughes decided to help the MTF develop their behavior and mindset, first by taking away their Playboy magazines and giving them a cyborg dog which had been used as test subject for SCP-212 and was originally supposed to be terminated before Hughes intervened. Irantu, Munru and Nanku became fond of the dog, naming him Gnasher, except for Onru who disliked the dog at first. The three MTF members began having fun with Gnasher and decided to make him their mascot, while Onru tried to keep him away from her. Eventually, Gnasher was able to get Onru's affection and the two also began accompanying each other.

When a future version of the Foundation sent MTF Tau-5 to assassinate Lee Harvey Oswald in order to prevent President John F. Kennedy's murder, the present Foundation designated this attempt as part of SCP-3780 and counteracted by sending their own version of Tau-5. The present Tau-5 were able to protect Oswald by killing their future selves, but later found out that their Nanku was actually the future one, while the other Nanku had been killed during the confrontation. The Foundation decided to reprogram this Nanku and had her replace the present one. After that the Foundation proceeded to have a diplomatic discussion with the future Foundation about their attempted assassination of Oswald.

After the Foundation discovered SCP-2621, the Tower of Babel, they decided to send the combined force of MTF Tau-5, MTF Nu-7, and MTF Epsilon-3 to deal with the angel-like humanoids designated SCP-2621-1 who were guarding it. Tau-5 came into direct confrontation with the SCP-2621-1 instances who retaliated by igniting their flaming swords, while Nu-7 attacked from the sky. As the two MTFs kept the instances of SCP-2621-1 occupied, MTF Epsilon-3 entered SCP-2621 where they began collecting artifacts, before even more SCP-2621-1 instances emerged. Despite the great number of the instances, the MTF members were able to subdue them all and claim the tower, but suffered some psychological issues after their encounter with the angels.

As SCP-3125 was secretly taking over the entire human noosphere, the MTF unaware of the situation were spending their time, with Munru and Onru fishing on a canoe in SCP-765, Irantu being taught how to cook by Ghazi and Nanku painting a watercolor duck in the same room as Hughes. However, when two noncorporeal entities entered the site to look for Hughes, Nanku was able to sense them thanks to her augmentations and notified her about this. Being alarmed by this, the entire MTF, including the normal personnel, became ready to fight the intruders. Seeing that the entities were constructs made out of information, Irantu used the technology in his brain to confront them, finding out that the entities were the late personnel Santosh Desai and Riley Cooper of Mobile Task Force Omega-0. They explained to him that they were on a mission to question his captain Sarah Hughes about the current location and state of her brother Dr. Bart Hughes of the Antimemetics Division and asked him for his assistance. Irantu complied and after returning to his body on Omega-0's behalf he asked Hughes about the state of her brother to which she explained that he was indeed still alive but in an unknown location, but suddenly they came under the attack of some people who were possessed by SCP-3125. They were able to kill the attackers, but their corpses then began emitting smoke from the Fifth Dimension which caused the MTF to slowly become infected by SCP-3125. Thankfully, both Desai and Cooper were able to destroy the smoke and keep the entire MTF safe from SCP-3125's influence.

After a Sarkic/Voodoo cult in Louisiana, designated GoI-4145, got hold of a religious artifact of great power, both Pentagram and the Church of the Broken God planned their own separate attacks on the cult in order to steal the artifact. Fearing that this conflict would result in the Veil of Secrecy being destroyed, the Department of Tactical Theology decided to send MTF Tau-5 to claim the artifact. After being equipped with special gear that would help them during the fight, MTF Tau-5 landed outside of Baton Rouge where they proceeded to use an airboat which had been modified by the Church of the Broken God. However, while arriving at the current location of GoI-4145 they were ambushed by the Cogwork Orthodoxists who attempted to detain them, but the MTF were able to kill them all. They were then attacked by an alligator which had been mutated by GoI-4145 into resembling a deer. After killing it, they arrived at the location, finding that both Pentagram and the Church of the Broken God had started their attacks on the cult. The MTF decided to stealthily move under the platform which was suspended above the lake with wooden legs, and after calling for the helicopter to go to the Sauk Lake and wait for them, they jumped on the platform, surprising everyone. The MTF quickly made their way inside the building containing the artifact, only to find that it was actually some entity. As they tried to call for the extraction team, the building collapsed on them, leaving the helicopter to go to their location to assist them. As the battle became more heated as more deer-like alligators became involved, the entity attempted to fly away, but the MTF were able to hold on to it and not let it escape. The entity then proceeded to throw them towards the helicopter, but thankfully the door opened, allowing the MTF to go inside it before shooting at the head of the entity. However, in the aftermath, the entity was able to survive that and managed to escape.

When Pentagram got in their possession some anomalous artifacts, the Foundation believed that they were unfit to contain them and so they decided to launch several attacks on their bases and steal the artifacts under the guise of Chaos Insurgents. MTF Tau-5 disguised as members of the Chaos Insurgency were sent to steal their information and anomalies and in the case they failed they would cause as much chaos as possible on Pentagram's bases in order to deter their activity and show everyone else the incompetence of the occult organization. However, on their last mission, while attacking Pentagram’s base of their Predictive Technology and Atemporal Armaments Research Division, the MTF also encountered ghosts which began attacking them with guns. As the MTF became surrounded on both sides by the Pentagram's EEL team and the ghosts, they decided to let the enemies kill them, since they had partially completed their objectives.

When The Perritree, a civilization of SCP-3095-1 instances which are birds that have gained sapience, attacked various Foundation Sites MTF Tau-5 was deployed to deal with the attacks. They joined with the on-site personal's forces to drive back the attackers until the civilization's major population center in Columbia was destroyed by the Foundation using an SCP.

Fearing that SCP-4290, an ancient god-like entity that could destroy the world, would soon be unleashed from its prison within the Qinghai Lake, MTF Tau-5 alongside Alpha-1 and Nu-7 were equipped with experimental paratech weaponry and were stationed near SCP-4290's seal in order to fight the monster. However, after it was revealed that the entity had been dead this entire time, the containment procedures were dropped and the MTFs returned to their usual job. When the powerful Rainbow Serpent designated as SCP-6004 attacked the city of Canberra, Tau-5 alongside MTF Eta-5 were deployed to deal with the monster, but they arrived too late as the serpent had already left by the time they arrived.

Possible Endings

The Way It Ends

As the three Chaos Insurgents Calvin Lucien, Adam Ivanov, and Olivia Torres were successfully killing each member of the O5 Council, Aaron Siegel decided to activate MTF Tau-5 in order to kill the Insurgents. When O5-4, also known as the Ambassador, saw the chaotic state the Council was he decided to get out while he still could and help the Chaos Insurgency in killing the rest of them. While meeting with Calvin and two members of the Insurgency's Delta Command inside an airport, the MTF assaulted them and were able to kill the Command members and the Ambassador before going to pursue Calvin. As Adam and Olivia tried to save Calvin by getting him on their plane, Munru shot the plane, destroying it before Irantu captured Calvin. The MTF then brought the three captured Insurgents to O5-3, a sentient fetus contained inside an all-seeing machine nicknamed the Kid, so it could judge them. As the Kid ordered the MTF to execute them for their crimes, the Black Queen intervened and gave Calvin Dr. Wondertainment's Interdimensional Rod and Reel which allowed him to summon the Malidramagiuan who engaged in a fight with the MTF. After Calvin freed his teammates, the Malidramagiuan was able to destroy the MTF, but was then tricked by Olivia into destroying part of the machine concealing the Kid by creating illusions of the MTF members before it proceeded to leave. Because the machine which contained the MTF's minds and produced their bodies was also destroyed, the MTF was killed for good.


In the future of 2103, the entire SCP Foundation, including MTF Tau-5, ascended through the conceptual levels of reality and became one with the very concept of containment, designated SCP-4755. Irantu of that future was left behind in the lower conceptual levels in order to guide the Foundation from the past into their inevitable future.


The Mobile Task Force Tau-5 was a special operations task force in the size of a platoon and was designed for  extremely hazardous missions and field-testing paratechnology. The MTF was centered around Irantu, Nanku, Munru and Onru, program troopers who were constructed by Prometheus Labs with biological shells made from the cells of the Lord of Endowments and operated by mind-scanned personalities derived from the four deceased special operators. Thanks to the cloning machinery, the Samsara squad was able to replace casualties in a few weeks by creating a new clone and downloading in the brains their most current scan. They were seen as a highly valuable asset to the Foundation thanks to their supernaturally durable bodies, their paratech implants, weapons, and gear.





  • The word Samsara is a concept in most Indian religions about the cycle of death and rebirth.
  • In "GRANT REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATING THE APPLICATION OF CERTAIN RESEARCH ASSETS IN OVERCOMING INHERENT LIMITATIONS OF THE HUMAN BODY" prior to the attack of the Lord's cult, Prometheus Labs intended to sell Tau-5's machinery to other organizations such as the Global Occult Coalition so they could use it to produce their own supersoldiers.
    • It is possible that Prometheus Labs' Project Samsara had also led to the company creating SCP-1637, a Prometheus Labs' factory in the Sahara Desert that was able to produce various cloned human cyborgs which would have been used in times of war.
  • MTF Tau-5 is only the Mobile Task Force thus far to have a page tag for articles featuring it.
  • Irantu and Nanku once played a game of SCP-3301, which had taken the appearance of SCP-3000's habitat, alongside some members from MTFs Omega-12, Gamma-13, and Alpha-9.
  • In "All in All You're Just A 'Nother Brick in the Wall" which is set in the "Orcadia" canon, MTF Tau-5 was one of several MTFs used by the Foundation during OPERATION: HIGH TADE.
  • Captain Sara Hughes was named after Stanley S. Hughes.
  • After the SCP Foundation created the powerful cognitohazard SCP-6442 and used it to kill all omniscient beings who used their abilities to spy on the Foundation, several other organizations, especially the GOC, became angry at the Foundation for this and sought to steal SCP-6442. Because of this, the Foundation made extreme efforts to hide and protect SCP-6442, with one effort being the assignment of MTF Tau-5 to the site containing the anomaly.
  • The MTF members bear resemblance to Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
  • On the 29th test of SCP-3636, a modified jukebox which contains every song known to exist and when playing a song it will display on its added touchscreen a live scene from somewhere in the world matching the song, the Foundation selected the song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk. As the song played on SCP-3636 the screen displayed the creation process of Tau-5's new bodies and upon waking up they were confused at what had happened. It was later revealed that the previous bodies had mysteriously ceased function, implying that 3636 somehow killed in order to have a matching scene for the chosen song.
  • MTF Tau-5 along with Nu-7 and an unknow MTF were somehow involved with the Special Containment Procedures of SCP-4785, a mysterious contagious disease which targets the brain and was previously designated as SCP-001.
  • As part of Researcher Talloran's eternal torture, SCP-3999 used several agents from various MTFs, including Tau-5, to execute each member of Talloran's family.
  • In SCP-4248 which described an alternate universe in which the Egyptian god Thoth began attacking humanity and taking over the religion of Christianity Tau-5 and Nu-7 were sent by the Foundation to neutralize instances of an undisclosed anomaly, possibly SCP-3095-1, in order to mitigate the threat.
  • In "New Technical Issues", Dr. Beiderman complained to Researcher Rosen that a member of Tau-5 became sexually driven and began hitting on a female junior researcher. Rosen responded by turning off the MTF's emotion protocols, but also blamed Beiderman's fellow personnel for having a bad influence on the simpleminded cyborgs.

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