Moby Lick (Street Sharks)

Moby Lick a.k.a. Jets Taylor is a mutant killer whale and was another of Dr. Paradigm's "failed" experiments.


Jets Taylor is a friend of the Bolton Brothers and Bends. Paradigm sought to create something strong enough to take on the Street Sharks after his experiments involving injecting DNA into Sea Creatures such as a Lobster (Slobster), Marlon (Slash), and Squid (Killamari) had yielded little success and as such he chose Jets Taylor, who had the perfect DNA Structure for it to work. It worked with some great degree of success as he gene-slammed Jets with an Orca (AKA Killer Whale) and formed what seemed to be a perfect creature. It easily matched the Sharks in combat, and if it hadn't been for the jealousness of the Seaviates - Moby Lick could very well have gone on to be one of Paradigm's most deadly allies. However, as he was locked in a building with the Sharks in some great degree of heat, he somehow managed to sweat the serum out of his body, and, realising that he was fighting Clint Bolton - one of his oldest friends - backed off. Instead he became a very powerful ally to the Sharks and helped to combat Paradigm on a couple of occasions.

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