Moko Jono

Moko Jono (real name: Michelle) is a female monkey from the zoo. She only makes one appearance and isn't counted as a villain in the opening, because she is originally not one.

She was once a love interest of Mojo Jojo, but she and the Powerpuff Girls were actually tricking him.

Her story

Her only appearance is in the episode "Meet the Beat-Alls." When The Powerpuff Girls couldn't destroy The Beat-Alls, Professor Utonium told them a secret about Mojo Jojo (since he'd originally owned Mojo Jojo, only named Jojo at that time, which you can see in The Powerpuff Girls Movie and a particular episode) that he turned evil because he was lonely.

Moko has black fur and pink skin. She has black Japanese eye-lashed eyes and wears a white sombrero and white mechanical dress and normal white boots.

Mojo references say she has an invisible white cape related to Mojo's. She always seems to carry a fresh yellow unpeeled banana for reasons unkown.

When she is not in performance criminal mode, she looks like a regular chimp, is naked and has pink feet a pink face, pink ears, pink hands and black eyes with eyelashes.

She will always be 4 feet unless during criminal performance mode in which she wears some sort of foot wear.

She belongs to a woman named Judy (reference to "Hey Jude" by the Beatles), who is the zookeeper at the zoo Moko lived in. She was used to distract Mojo by making him fall in love with her.

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