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Mole is a former antagonist of The Nut Job and supporting character of The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature.

He is voiced by Jeff Dunham in both films.


He is a grey mole,  blue eyes, pink hands, long feet with Claws, and a Red Nose.


Mole is very good and smart ==The Nut Job== Coming soon!

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

Surly Squirrel is now loved by Liberty Park's Urban wildlife community, and currently overseeing an all-you-can-eat buffet at Maury's Nut Shop.

When Maury's Nut Shop is accidentally blown up by Mole after he forgets to cut down pressure from the boiler. Andie takes the opportunity to try getting the animals back to their roots by foraging for food in Liberty Park while Surly and Buddy try to find other food-packed places, but fail each time.

Surly and Andie discover Muldoon's plot, and Surly convinces the animals to fight back, which they do successfully, and they manage to sabotage the construction worker's efforts to tear down the park.

That night, however, Surly's enjoyment is short-lived when Andie attempts to convince the animals to work hard for food as he believes it can result in disappointment. When the construction workers' foreman tells Muldoon about the animal attacks, he calls an extermination squad led by Gunther to get rid of the animals.

When Surly gets caught in one of Gunther's traps, and the animals are pursued by Muldoon's dog, Frankie.

Surly and Buddy head out to rescue her while Andie and the rest find a new park.

Andie, Jimmy, Johnny, and Jamie find what seems to be a suitable park, but it turns out to be a golf course that almost gets them killed.

A doleful Surly returns with Precious and an unconscious Buddy, reuniting with the others in the ruined remains of the nut shop. After Buddy wakes up thanks to Precious giving him licks. Surly leads the animals to take back the park from Muldoon and his followers during the exclusive opening of Libertyland.

Muldoon calls Gunther and his team over to capture them, and Surly is the only one left standing.

Surly, Mr. Feng and the mices free the animals, and round them up to take back Liberty Park. They manage to overwhelm the humans, destroy all the rides, and attract the attention of the police.


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